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November / December 2017
LNG journal November / December 2017 LEAD STORY

Australia moves closer to leading global output with annual 88 million tonnes

The Australian government said the value of Australia’s liquefied natural gas exports is forecast to increase from A$22 billion (US$17.12Bln) in 2016-2017 to A$35 billion in 2018-2019, driven by higher export volumes and, to a lesser extent, higher prices.


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Wheatstone LNG project starts commercial operations behind schedule like most ventures

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Saipem XSIGHT proposes compact low-cost solutions for maximizing LNG regasification terminal efficiency

Japanese policy on LNG is linked to emergence of American export capacity on Gulf Coast

Part II: Improved monitoring onboard FSRUs is required to Enhance operating performance and reduce cargo losses


October 2017
LNG journal October 2017 LEAD STORY

Second wave of LNG well underway in LNG export capacity development

A major boost to export capacity is expected from 2017 to 2019 with average capacity additions of around 50 billion cubic metres each year with the start-up of large projects in Australia and the United States, but capacity increase will slow from 2020 onwards.


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US report analyses the growth of LNG and gas trade in face of renewables competition

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Improved monitoring onboard FSRUs is required to enhance operating performance and reduce cargo losses

Questions raised by Japan’s competition regulator on LNG destination clauses in supply contracts

Spring-energized seals form critical thermoplastic parts to make difference in cryogenic valves for transfers


September 2017
LNG journal September 2017 LEAD STORY

Wholesale gas prices survey charts delivery trends in LNG and pipeline

Gas-on-gas competition has seen an increase in the share in Europe being offset by declines in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, reflecting fewer pure spot LNG cargoes.


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Fluor offers returns from US shale-gas market for LNG export development and gas processing plants

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

How LNG buyers and sellers can inter-act in Africa’s emerging cargo import market

KBR shows importance of the coupling of a floating liquefaction facility with subsea systems

Changing patterns during 2017 give reasons for optimism for development of more LNG projects


July / August 2017
LNG journal 'July / August 2017 LEAD STORY

Importance of LNG trade grows with global gas markets through 2020

The past year has been the first showing of the growth spurt previously forecast in the liquefied natural gas sector and BP expects to see global supplies increase by around a further 30 percent by 2020.


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LNG market place becomes more complex and interconnected as US output capacity expands

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Africa is currently an exporter of LNG and pipeline gas but is also a big import market

Siemens explains how early planning and design decisions can drive LNG success

Japan’s ClassNK examines ways of addressing the impending SOx regulations and the place of LNG


June 2017
LNG journal June 2017 LEAD STORY

Canadian energy company fuels future of North American transportation with LNG

FortisBC, an energy provider and utility in the Canadian province of British Columbia, is making significant headways in using liquefied natural gas for transportation.


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Key bankability considerations for LNG FSRU deals for independent power producer plants

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Trelleborg marine unit sees growing need for interface standards for FSRUs and small-scale

Philippines offers LNG infrastructure and module solutions in Asia for small-scale and larger ventures

India’s Petronet LNG has made significant progress under CEO Singh and more advances on the cards


May 2017
LNG journal May 2017 LEAD STORY

LNG and market hub plans in Asia-Pacific region must adhere to key industry metrics

The United States is on the verge of becoming a major exporter of liquefied natural gas. Markets for these exports will include Europe, South America, and Asia.


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Cheniere considers possibility of more Trains at Louisiana and Texas liquefaction plants

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

International Gas Union calls for maritime use of LNG fuel to avoid pollution in largest ports

Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers issues report on state of the industry going forward

Significant moves to keep Northwest Europe at forefront of developing LNG bunkering market


April 2017
LNG journal April 2017 LEAD STORY

LNG and natural gas security challenges as system becomes more interconnected

Natural gas security challenges are evolving with the energy system. In particular, the increasing globalisation of natural gas, through the expansion in the trade of LNG, is creating an interconnected system where shocks in one region reverberate in another.


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Chiyoda outlines its standardization methods for LNG plant design based on new concept

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Widespread adoption of LNG as a marine fuel faces step change by 2020

Developers of LNG and energy ventures have diverse hurdles to overcome in British Columbia

Companies take opportunity to introduce small to mid-scale LNG solutions at Gastech 2017 just held


March 2017
LNG journal March 2017 LEAD STORY

Australian operational focus leads to successful GLNG performance

GLNG is a joint venture between Santos of Australia, PETRONAS of Malaysia, Total of France and KOGAS of South Korea. The joint venture extracts gas from coal seams in the Surat and Bowen basins of Queensland which is transported by high pressure pipeline to Curtis Island, off the coast from Gladstone, for conversion to LNG.


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As import facilities expand LNG will increasingly be used to fill energy gaps

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

American Bureau of Shipping explains LNG fuel progress and guidance gained from early movers

Development and industrialization of new versions of LNG carrier membrane containment systems

Malaysian LNG carriers manage to maintain their edge for profitability in challenging market

Corban Energy of US explains LNG link to operations for coal-fired power in West Virginia

Equipment made to withstand harsh environments remains key to operating and isolation philosophies


February 2017
LNG journal February 2017 LEAD STORY

BP outlook points to strong global LNG market growth in volumes and trading

Global liquefied natural gas supplies are forecast to grow strongly over the next few years, led by projects coming on stream in Australia and the US, with trading in the sector expanding seven times faster than pipeline gas trade.


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Australian LNG exports set to start final surge with Ichthys and Wheatstone plants

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Chile relates experience in entering LNG import market with GNL Quintero terminal

Cove Point in Maryland is transformed into main exporting plant in US Atlantic basin

Views and policies of leading global players in the LNG industry as seen from Japan


January 2017
LNG journal January 2017 LEAD STORY

IEA says inter-regional gas and LNG trade to grow 45 percent in 10 years

Inter-regional natural gas and LNG trade is set to grow by 45 percent over the next 10 years and by 70 percent through 2040 as overcapacity is gradually absorbed, new players enter the stage, incumbents are challenged and the market rebalances.


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‘Dead Cow’ shale-gas play will cut future Argentine LNG demand and boost nation

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Approaches for testing structural integrity during cryogenic spillage on FLNG hulls

Denmark-based company Kosan Crisplant aims to turn gas expertise into profits in LNG fuel sector

How modularized building methods were refined in Australian LNG production and export plants