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November / December 2013
LNG journal 2013 November / December LEAD STORY


Australia sees LNG revenue soar as onshore and FLNG projects advance

Australian LNG exports will grow by almost 30 percent a year from 24 million tonnes this year to 83MT in 2018 and export revenues will show an annual growth rate of 35 percent, soaring from $14.3 billion in 2013 to $68.3Bln in five years.


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Drastic changes reshaping Asian LNG market where elevated prices fail to dull demand

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

International guidelines for bunkering LNG as a marine fuel as seen by DNV

LNG as marine fuel the challenges to be overcome according to a study by Total

Operations and gas fuel efficiency of first DFDE engines for LNG carriers after 300,000 hours

October 2013
LNG journal 2013 october LEAD STORY


Floating LNG import terminals set to boost China’s network and capacity

China’s first Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) project received the regulator’s green light last month.


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Japanese Minister Motegi outlines market position of the world’s largest LNG buyer

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

How Ichthys LNG project almost ended up on island in western Australia rather than Darwin

Spanish terminal leader Enagás examines how to manage LNG ageing in ship transportation

Bureau Veritas at the forefront of developments for Arctic LNG projects as the next province

September 2013
LNG journal 2013 September LEAD STORY


East Africa presents challenges for project players in new LNG frontier

BG Group has for some time recognised that East Africa presents an exciting opportunity as a relatively unexplored frontier play with material resource potential, stable and progressive governments, favourably located for Asian Pacific LNG markets.


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Japan considers price risk reduction from US exports of LNG and what is at stake

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Indonesia’s Arun LNG production plant is first ever to be transformed into import terminal

Improved energy efficiency explained by Chevron in output for baseload LNG liquefaction plant

New world LNG offers the opportunities for various small-scale and bulk-break projects

July / August 2013
LNG journal 2013 July / August LEAD STORY


Australia can continue LNG boom with controls on costs and taxes

The Australian economy has benefited and will continue to benefit significantly from LNG investments, with projects on the drawing board representing A$180 billion.


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Myanmar’s energy woes could be solved by LNG projects under current plans

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

LNG tightness is unprecedented as 112 million tonnes of new output is awaited

Tokyo Gas starts the build-up of next generation of LNG regasification terminals in Japan

UK-based Bestobell sees demand soar for LNG valves for floating storage and regasification use

June 2013
LNG journal 2013 May LEAD STORY


Epic change and existential risk of North American LNG exports

North American LNG exports confront the LNG industry with disruptive changes that create considerable uncertainties, risks, and opportunities for LNG buyers, sellers, traders, investors, and lenders.


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Singapore sees emergence of a new LNG market as BG explains aggregator role

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Zeebrugge import terminal turns from regas facility to LNG hub of Northwest Europe

The phenomenon of hot air recirculation in air-cooled baseload LNG liquefaction plants

Italian class society qualifying loading arms ahead of Italy's third LNG facility start-up

May 2013
LNG journal 2013 May LEAD STORY


India illustrates challenges facing a prime LNG emerging market

India is currently the sixth-largest LNG importer with deliveries of 13.5 million tonnes per annum and rising but steep economic growth has finally positioned India to expand its LNG volumes and infrastructure.


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Noble Energy explains LNG project ambitions for FLNG in East Mediterranean and Africa

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Design and selection process to find a format for planned Cameroon LNG project in West Africa

Mid-scale FLNG units offered by SBM Offshore allows will lower costs and shorter schedules

Tokyo Gas explains how maintenance methods were enhanced at its three huge LNG import terminals

April 2013
LNG journal 2013 April LEAD STORY


Asian LNG demand posts records as projects and shipping develop

For the second year in a row, all Asian countries with facilities recorded a growth in LNG imports, especially China and India, as weak demand in Europe provided swing supplies for Asia, according to the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL).


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Shell's floating production ambitions also now include high-capacity hull design for Lean LNG

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

The full challenges of establishing an LNG import facility on River Parana

TGE Marine Gas Engineering offers view to LNG fuel value chain for vessels

UK's Gasconsult ZR-LNG liquefaction technology aims to make impact with new mid-scale solution

March 2013
LNG journal 2013 March LEAD STORY


Japan weighs up price of US LNG imports and nation’s energy future

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, Japan increased LNG imports to an unprecedented level. Against the backdrop of rapidly expanding demand in Japan, the world’s largest LNG consumer, Asian LNG prices also surged.


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LNG build-up remains at heart of evolution and diversification of worldwide markets

Way forward for US LNG export developments is expected to be gradual one with good profits

FTA nation Singapore positions itself as LNG trading hub for evolving Far East market

B&V pushes forward with barge-based LNG production concept for small and mid-scale

View through 2035 on growing worldwide LNG market, oil-indexed prices and investment

Air Products explains key considerations when using parallel compression in LNG refrigeration

Marine business grows as Atlas Copco plays key role in extensive overhaul of leading LNG fleet

North American LNG exports will appeal to new Japanese demand led by Tepco for lean volumes

February 2013
LNG journal 2013 February LEAD STORY


LNG forecasts to 2030 see Africa overtake Mideast in LNG exports

LNG will contribute an increasing share of regional natural gas trade as production grows by 4.3 percent per annum and LNG’s share of global gas consumption rises to 15.5 percent by 2030.


Also in this issue

US LNG exports set to have multiple impacts on the various domestic and overseas markets

Shell prepares for Prelude FLNG offshore loading after hard link development programme with FMC

Dual-fuel cleaner engine study concerning large LNG carriers like Qatari Q-Flex and Q-Max

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s propulsion systems have now secured more LNG reach in the global carrier market

January 2013
LNG journal 2013 January LEAD STORY


GDF-SUEZ analyses latest trends impacting worldwide LNG market

In the LNG industry you learn to expect the unexpected. Over the past decade, significant events have taken place such as Qatar’s production surge, the emergence of a myriad of new projects, the tragic Fukushima disaster, and now the emergence of new LNG provinces in regions such as East Africa and North America.


Also in this issue

Arctic maritime LNG preparations advance for safe shipping of Yamal cargoes to Asia

Manzanillo LNG terminal adapts strategy to be focus of Mexican natural gas surge

New Train at Tangguh LNG plant in Indonesia will also be part of energy-efficiency project

ABS presents the challenges of FLNG topsides design against risks of fire and explosion loads