April 2017


Natural gas security challenges are evolving with the energy system. In particular, the increasing globalisation of natural gas, through the expansion in the trade of LNG, is creating an interconnected system where shocks in one region reverberate in another.

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Forecasters predict that many LNG projects are under planning (pre-Final Investment Decision) and if all LNG projects currently in the planning stage are completed, future global LNG supply will exceed demand and that low LNG price trends could continue for longer than expected.

The shipping industry has seen environmental regulations regarding sulphur content in marine fuel becoming gradually more stringent over the years.

A report was recently issued by the Canadian Energy Research Institute of Calgary in the province of Alberta identifying major environmental and Indigenous Peoples issues facing development of the natural gas and LNG industry in British Columbia.

One of the many concepts presented was a Floating Transfer Terminal promising “jettyless” LNG ship-to-shore transfer.