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November / December 2015
LNG journal November / December 2015 LEAD STORY

Australian focus on price differential and competition in Asian markets

Australian liquefied natural gas deliveries into Asia now face growing competition from other global LNG producers, particularly the US plants under construction, and from market oversupply.


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France’s Total puts forward ambitious strategy to take advantage of volumes

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Singapore gives strategic view of LNG pricing, volumes and Pan-Asia ventures

The future of Remote LNG from the Arctic to the Pacific islands, Africa and beyond

International Group of LNG Importers issues publication to boost knowledge for new markets


October 2015
LNG journal October 2015 LEAD STORY

Options to consider in a changing global market for LNG industry

In the current global business environment, where change is the norm and both challenges and opportunities appear and disappear in an almost continuous and to a large extent unpredictable manner, Strategy Formulation must be a dynamic process.


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State-of-the-art nitrogen removal methods from Air Products for liquefaction plants

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Myanmar and other South East Asian countries continue LNG developments with FSRUs

Chile is planning another FSRU project and and the confidence is high for Octopus LNG

Fluor outlines pipe-in-pipe design for cryogenic services and LNG terminals


September 2015
LNG journal September 2015 LEAD STORY

Canada aims to realize LNG potential with multiple and well financed plants

By any measure Western Canada’s natural gas resource base is very large. The National Energy Board estimates the ultimate potential for conventional marketable natural gas in the region to be about 290 trillion cubic feet.


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Freeport CEO Smith purses LNG dream from Rocky Mountains to the Gulf Coast

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Japan’s Kobe Steel introduces features of LNG vaporizers and their applications

All aspects of LNG as fuel brought into focus by updated IGU study on policies

Managing risk through best practices in valve selection for LNG liquefaction plants


July / August 2015
LNG journal July / August 2015 LEAD STORY

Oregon and northwest await LNG project advances amid 10-year market forecast

Liquefied natural gas projects in the northwest US state of Oregon have been delayed so far as far as progress is concerned by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission even as feed-gas available to such ventures continues to other countries outside the US.


Also in this issue

International Gas Union updated annual review shows import and re-export growth

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Australia expects LNG delivered cargo prices for Japan in be in bracket over next 18 months

Small-scale LNG business seeking global reach from initial Scandinavia and Chinese success

Canada’s Ottawa Government gives outline of jurisdiction for LNG plants on federal land


June 2015
LNG journal 2015 May LEAD STORY

Energy industry outlines imperatives of more LNG use and shale-gas projects

Chief executives of the oil majors and international energy companies have urged an intensification of liquefied natural gas and pipeline use while calling for more shale-gas production in other countries outside the US.


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US law firm analyses successful LNG export projects: the how and the why in liquefaction

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Flood of LNG may overwhelm short-term markets but low prices will help recovery

South Korea begins infrastructure development as start of LNG ports bunkering is set for 2018

European safety plans issued for LNG incidents on growing North-South waterway ship traffic


May 2015
LNG journal 2015 May LEAD STORY

Australia awaits global leadership of LNG supplies with market appraisal

Global LNG trade will grow rapidly to 2020 as Australia emerges as the world’s largest LNG exporter. New LNG projects will triple Australia’s export capacity and double total gas natural production, but lower prices will temper export values.


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Changing face of global LNG markets and past and present factors to consider

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Latest Indian import terminal project planned for Jaigarh is nation’s first with tolling concept

Drive your LNG project to success with optimal machinery selections

French class society Bureau Veritas at forefront of LNG-fuel transformation in shipping industry


April 2015
LNG journal 2015 April LEAD STORY

ABS makes progress on LNG fuel guide for North American ships and ports

Since the American Bureau of Shipping report was initially issued in March 2014, significant progress has been made in North America with the use of LNG as a fuel for marine vessels.


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UK energy and LNG players BP and BG still put positive tone in market predictions

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Largest maritime council and body for LNG importers add flexibility to spot chartering

Japan’s Chiyoda suggests measures to minimize carbon dioxide from LNG production plants

Bestobell Marine believes no one handles the pressure in LNG business better than it does


March 2015
LNG journal 2015 March LEAD STORY


Japanese analysis sees major turning point and pricing challenges in Asia

The global LNG industry is relatively young, just celebrating its 50-year anniversary in October 2014. Thus it is quite natural for it to continue changing its shape and evolving.


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LNG demand expected to tighten after 2020 and regional cargo flows will rise

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

BG execs have their say on challenges such as Egypt and American projects facing CEO Lund

Egypt awaits LNG import FSRU start-up to bring in about 70 cargoes and ease severe gas shortages

Germany’s SAACKE Marine Systems offer low-emission and heat-generation plants for carriers and FLNG units

February 2015
LNG journal 2015 February LEAD STORY


Analysis addresses the top 10 questions facing the LNG industry during 2015

The only constant in the LNG industry again appears to be change - unpredictable change. The LNG supply and demand balance shifted in 2014 as LNG supply appears, at least temporarily, to have surpassed demand.


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LNG carrier transit tariff proposals finalized for new era in cargo shipping to Far East

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Side-supported reinforced cylinder seen as robust and low-cost LNG containment system

Lean LNG plant study and issues like recovery of light hydrocarbons and refrigerant make-up

Natural gas markets have been largely regional in character though LNG trends are changing things

January 2015
LNG journal 2015 January LEAD STORY


First CSG-to-LNG plant puts Australia near forefront of the producer nations

LNG is the investment driver for Australian resources, accounting for 87 percent or around US$200 billion of committed investments, according to a report from the country's Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics.


Also in this issue

BG lauds ‘immense achievement’ of reaching production stage at Queensland Curtis LNG

Global LNG and natural gas use increase as trajectories diverge amid oil price slump

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

LNG trade is expected to more than triple with Asia and Europe competing with other markets

Woodside and Linde present novel approach for ethane refrigerant extraction at LNG plants