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LNG industry faces tests on all fronts to meet demand growth

Japan will receive around 1,500 LNG cargoes this year as the industry develops with higher volumes, a growing carrier fleet rising to more than 450 vessels, preferred shipping contracts and an evolution of trading and hedging instruments.

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LNG swaps market is leap forward as hedge for cargo and trading activities

Total outlines operator approach to FLNG in terms of process, selection and risk management

Lloyd's Register advances guidance for avoiding sloshing damage on membranetank LNG vessels

Chiyoda explains advanced dynamic simulation technology in LNG plant engineering process

Australia grows LNG capacity in tandem with more industry rules

Australia’s LNG industry is experiencing a remarkable transformation. Until recently, the country boasted two export projects with a combined production capacity of about 20 million tonnes per annum.

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Regulatory and other impediments fail to curb surge in multiple LNG developments

Pre-treatment systems outlined for feed-gas destined for Petronas Floating LNG facility

Dunkerque LNG import project is development for the long term with gas market implications

Mitsubishi Peapod LNG carrier faces popular future as Japan orders set to grow

Indian LNG and natural gas sector transforms to meet demand surge

An analysis of the nation's future path as the government prepares four key policy revisions to improve market efficiency

The Indian LNG and natural gas sector is undergoing a significant transformation in terms of policy, regulations and infrastructure.

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Panama Canal expansion to provide premium price boost for new US LNG export plants

WorleyParsons offers key integrated asset integrity solutions for the LNG business

France’s Montoir LNG import terminal matches market needs by enhancing maritime compatibility

Wärtsilä and Hamworthy united have systems of technology to span the LNG value chain

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JIndonesia and Malaysia pursue dual tracks on LNG and infrastructure

South-East Asian nations, led by Indonesia and Malaysia, are actively pursuing regasification and import terminals to handle around 40 million tonnes of LNG to feed into their developing natural gas networks.

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Asian and European LNG markets brought into sharp focus at WGC in Kuala Lumpur

International LNG Importer Group launches its first standard form for short-term voyage charter

What happened during and after first earthquake and tsunami impact on a Japanese LNG terminal

A first in LNG as the European Commission grants approval of Angola joint venture under merger rules

China LNG plans encompass import network with production and finance

China's participation in the global LNG business has developed over the last couple of years to include the region's second-largest import terminal network, production venture stakes, LNG carrier building and project financing from Chinese banks.

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Japanese adjust their perspectives on evolution of Asia- Pacific LNG market

US company Ebara outlines designs and uses of pumps for the heart of global LNG industry

Sofregaz and Bouygues ready to advance with ultra-large concept for LNG storage tanks

Air Products advances machinery-process configurations for evolving LNG landscape

Asian LNG market set for overhaul for Australian and American volumes

Australian and North American LNG volumes will test the absorption capacity of the Asia-Pacific LNG market as ample supplies are lined up and buyers are offered some supply and price diversification.

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The short-term LNG market: the case for general terms and conditions for cargo sales

Air Products advances machinery-process configurations for evolving LNG landscape

Foster Wheeler outlines its latest process for handling feed-gas for the production of LNG

Germanischer Lloyd aims to be North European driving force in helping LNG fuel developments

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Canadian LNG export plans move forward slowly despite incentives

Canadian LNG export projects involving local and global energy players are slowly gathering momentum for exports to Asian markets to begin by 2016 or later, though the first project off the blocks has delayed its final investment decision.

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Angola LNG plant opens with enhanced design derived from engineered dynamic simulation

EagleBurgmann puts forward dry-gas seals for LNG marine and onshore compressors

Shell makes progress on FLNG and next generation of onshore LNG plant designs

Trelleborg facilitates LNG unloading and safe berthing from Argentina to England

Papua New Guinea LNG projects make more progress amid concerns

PNG's oil and gas sector is one that has received much attention recently, with studies suggesting that it has in the region of 15.6 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves (and others suggesting considerably more) sitting close to the traditional Asian LNG demand centres of Japan, Korea and China.

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Pluto LNG plant starts commercial operations with equipment optimized

LNG terminal cold energy integration opportunities offered by contractors

BW Gas offers integrated solutions to customers with two LNG offerings

Progress methods for component and system qualification for LNG transfer requirements

US LNG export projects advance amid prices and location debate

US producers of LNG for export from the natural gas surplus are likely to number around four or five maximum, even if an LNG project emerges from the Alaskan North Slope reserves.
Adding around three further export projects in Western Canada, North America would be expected to have reached its maximum possible exports by 2020 and 2025.

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Safety rules and evaluations for the berthing of LNG carriers in Japan

Innovative approach to GT air extraction applied at major LNG production plant

Bechtel puts forward thermo-economic analysis of combined-cycle at LNG plants

Malaysian studies progress on higher LNG production through performance optimization

January 2012
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Ichthys LNG to be classic project with rare stamp: 'made in Japan'

Japan's Inpex Corp. signed around $70 billion worth of LNG sales agreements for its Ichthys project in Australia, clearing the way for the go-ahead for a venture seen as a classic of its kind in terms of technology and contracts, but with the unusual make-up of being made in Japan from exploration to delivery.

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Japanese to pursue multi-billion upstream LNG funding drive for 2012 and beyond

Japan's utilities explain their dilemma on LNG supply, expansion and storage issues

Seamless integration of subsea architecture with Floating LNG has its challenges and solutions

Two companies cooperate to improve LNG vessel propulsion economics and efficiency