January 2020


The United States produces more natural gas than the whole of the Middle East over the period to 2040 and Iraq with mostly associated gas and Mozambique with vast new offshore discoveries emerge as large gas producers from a low base.

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The Anglo-Australian global commodities company BHP says liquefied natural gas can be an attractive exposure to the global natural gas market if you are the owner of an advantaged portfolio of assets as firm demand for gas is forecast to grow out to around 2050 while oil will peak before then.

LNG pricing mechanisms in Western Europe have become more stable in recent years. This is largely due to the increased presence and use of gas-on-gas pricing hubs.

Alfa Laval technologies and expertise - especially in the area of boilers - are enabling marine vessels to deal with boil-off gas (BOG), which is the critical step in making the shift to LNG.

Italy, with its strategic position at the centre of the Mediterranean, could in the future became an liquefied natural gas bunkering hub for shipping as more LNG-powered vessels are built.