June 2021


Malaysia’s state-owned PETRONAS has shown flexibility towards long-term LNG buyers by adopting hybrid price formulae. Some of the recently concluded sales agreements with Chinese buyers are based on China’s domestic LNG Truck prices, and a spot cargo from Bintulu, Malaysia was sold under a new ICE NGX index (AECO); our Markets Editor Anja Karl was told.

Negotiations on Tanzanian LNG development have been stuck in limbo for years. Led by a new President, the country reaffirmed its keen interest in LNG ‘lift-off’. IOCs pledged collaboration but highlighted the ‘need for speed’ in a competitive market.  Our markets editor Alexander Wilk investigates

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Beijing is meddling politics and trade relations with Australia. At least two smaller Chinese LNG importers have been mandated to stay clear from buying any more of the super-chilled gas from Down Under this year and in 2021, but the rhetoric is having limited impact so far; our Markets Editor Anja Karl finds.

Weaker Pacific LNG flows were cushioned by higher US and Qatari exports whilst demand saw robust seasonal increases outside Europe up to 25 May, our Markets Editor Alexander Wilk reports.

AIR PRODUCTS, the leading provider of LNG equipment, reported a 3 percent decline in fiscal second-quarter net profits as it continued as the main LNG processing technology provider while building up a global industrial gases business with projects progressing in nations such as Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

Greater design efficiency and the application of an array of proven technologies will provide a pathway to longer term emissions reductions, claimed Rene Sejer Laursen, ABS’ Director of Fuels and Technology.

Sustainability has long been an important consideration - one that flows throughout the lifecycle of a project from design, construction and operation through to decommissioning. Technical Editor Ian Cochran investigates with the help of McDermott International 

Accelerated moves to decarbonise supply chains may present downside risks for LNG as a transport fuel over the next decade as authorities in some regions leap-frog to new, cleaner fuels.  Fuelling editor Malcolm Ramsay has more