March 2020


The final economic and human impact of China’s coronavirus outbreak on LNG market and citizens around the world may become clearer in several months as activity in key manufacturing hubs struggles to rebound, keeping a lid on natural gas demand and triggering more trade flow disruptions,

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Liquefied natural gas overtakes pipeline natural gas as the main way of trading gas over long distances by the late 2020s.

There are multiple concepts on how to “Capture the Cold” from LNG. These concepts include organic Rankine cycles, turbine inlet air cooling, export to cold processes such as air separation and dry ice manufacturing, and export for industrial refrigeration/air conditioning.

Boil-off gas (BOG) is an inherent attribute in LNG storage facilities and its magnitude has a significant impact in the Terminal´s economic performance.

As recognition of the business case for LNG as a marine fuel grows, so too does the order book for LNG-fuelled vessels, across all sectors.