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November/December 2020
LNG journal October 2020 LEAD STORY

Sempra determined to take FID on Costa Azul LNG this year

Though all major liquefaction projects have been deferred to 2021 and beyond, Sempra Energy is pressing ahead with its Costa Azul project at Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The US developer said it is “optimistic” to receive a government export authorisation and take FID “this year”. Rival developers have delayed projects due to the pandemic and implemented radical cost-cutting measures of nearly $55 billion combined. – Markets Editor Anja Karl investigates.


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Turkey: Potentially leveraging flexible LNG supply.

Brace for LNG buying spree as 33% of supply contracts expire by 2025

September LNG trade continues to improve on Asian and some European demand

Facing up to the methane slip

LNG-powered fuel cells promise deep-sea potential


October 2020
LNG journal October 2020 LEAD STORY

US LNG exports may top pre-Covid levels by November

Higher global forward prices and improving netbacks for buyers of US LNG in Europe and Asia are expected to push up exports to pre-Covid levels by November. Come December, analysts anticipate more than 9 Bcf per day of US LNG exports through February 2021. Markets Editor Anja Karl investigates.


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Relative Competitiveness of Middle Eastern term LNG supply to the Indian Subcontinent.

Where’s LNG investment heading?

August LNG trade continues to improve on Asian demand growth

Svanehøj sees success with deepwell cargo (gas) pumps

LNG bunker training responds to pandemic restrictions


September 2020
LNG journal September 2020 LEAD STORY

Russian LNG – Trio jostling for position

Over the past decade, partial liberalisation of the Russian gas market has led to the emergence of a trio of competing LNG developers – Novatek, Gazprom and Rosneft. However, the two state-controlled giants are still grappling with their prospective LNG roles whilst Novatek is going 'all-in'. Market Editor Alexander Wilk reports.


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Can cost cutting revive Alaska LNG despite sluggish demand?

July LNG trade improves on stronger Asian and European demand

Nakilat surpasses industry’s average safety

New reliquefaction unit gains orders

LNGC crew training - a vital management component

Air Products’ patented technology enables the world’s largest LNG trains

PPA Progresses LNG bunkering plans


July / August 2020
LNG journal 'July / August 2020 LEAD STORY

China – the “only bright spot” for beleaguered LNG markets in Asia Pacific

China’s early post-COVID demand recovery gives it headroom to absorb spot LNG cargoes on top of contractual supply from Australia and Qatar. With Asia spot LNG priced as low as $2.30 per MMBtu, US LNG deliveries are currently uncompetitive. But the arbitrage window between Henry Hub and the Japan-Korea Market (JKM) is about to reopen. “We expect higher Northeast Asian prices will end the recent practice of cancelling offtake cargoes from US projects from October US loadings,” James Whistler, Global Head of Energy Derivatives at SSY told LNG Journal in an interview.


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June LNG trade suffers but Asian demand looking up in July

Australian LNG heads to South Korea and Indonesia, outcompetes thermal coal

Five trends in the current LNGC orderbook

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Global gas demand rebounds as world emerges from COVID-pandemic

Argentina: Tango is slipping

WinGD to offer X-DF engine upgrades

Boil-off gas and sub cooling systems success

LNG fuel for transport ‘crucial’ for sustainable recovery in wake of Covid-19 pandemic


June 2020
LNG journal June 2020 LEAD STORY

International Gas Union sees next LNG wave facing difficult decisions

The International Gas Union Gas said a “huge wave” of liquefied natural gas export project liquefaction capacity is currently still in the pre-Final Investment Decision stage and when given the go-ahead would provide more clean fuel especially for Asian nations.


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How natural gas and LNG have fared in 2020 as problems rose and prices then converged

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

European regasification is at crossroads but plans point five years ahead after regional cargo upsurge

Sembcorp Marine of Singapore explains latest strategy and fends off rumours of merger with local rival Keppel

Carrier charter market levels for LNG remain steady as more Russian cargoes to head for Asia


May 2020
LNG journal May 2020 LEAD STORY

India has LNG future already mapped out as cargo volumes are set to double

India began importing liquefied natural gas in 2004 and since then a lack of connectivity for the LNG receiving terminal infrastructure has led to supply limitations.


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LNG pioneer Tokyo Gas advances with next phase of development for marketing and procurement

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Coronavirus issues and how they affect sales and purchase agreements for LNG supplies

Competitiveness of Canada’s regulatory framework examined for the LNG and the oil and gas sectors

LNG boil-off and contractual compensation regimes - is past practice still best practice?


April 2020
LNG journal April 2020 LEAD STORY

Kosmos outlines strategy for Senegal and Mauritania LNG and other African basins

Kosmos Energy, the exploration and production and company, based in Dallas, Texas, has made its name in the Atlantic Margin offshore West Africa and with LNG, natural gas and oil projects in its portfolio.


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Australian LNG shipments to China and Japan affected as nation also focus on its own East Coast gas market

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Australian consultants try to crack emissions code and credibility of zero reduction targets

Second wave of US LNG export plants proposed for Texas and Louisiana may rely on low-priced Permian feed gas

LNG boil-off and contractual compensation regimes - is past practice still best practice?


March 2020
LNG journal March 2020 LEAD STORY

Final LNG and economic and human impact of coronavirus is still unclear

The final economic and human impact of China’s coronavirus outbreak on LNG market and citizens around the world may become clearer in several months as activity in key manufacturing hubs struggles to rebound, keeping a lid on natural gas demand and triggering more trade flow disruptions,


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Small-scale LNG has important role to play in helping provide power and clean energy

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Worley and consultancy Advisian outline concepts behind method of capturing the cold from LNG

Forecasting of boil-off gas production and LNG ageing in Floating Storage and Regasification Units

Global LNG maritime fuel Sea-LNG reports on expanding gas-powered fleets and bunkering ships


February 2020
LNG journal February 2020 LEAD STORY

Australian LNG report gives forecasts on existing and new Asian customers

Australian LNG export prices are forecast to decline slightly in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, due to an easing of oil-linked contract prices at which most Australian LNG is sold.


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Associated gas remains a main upstream link between oil and natural gas and LNG markets

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

RINA study for Panama Canal Authority LNG terminal highlights opportunities for gas-to-power

Singapore-based Delta Offshore Energy emerges with approved LNG and power project in Vietnam

ZR-LNG can offer self-refrigeration liquefaction technology for LNG with integrated liquids removal


January 2020
LNG journal 43831 LEAD STORY

China expected to import twice as much LNG as future No. 2 India

The United States produces more natural gas than the whole of the Middle East over the period to 2040 and Iraq with mostly associated gas and Mozambique with vast new offshore discoveries emerge as large gas producers from a low base.


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Australian foundation LNG investor BHP expects market to advance more than most in energy sector

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Eastward movement of gas prices means the transition of LNG disputes from Europe to Asia

Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler technology offers an easier and safe path to LNG propulsion

Mediterranean nations widen their service offerings in re-loads, micro-liquefaction and small-scale LNG