February 2020


Australian LNG export prices are forecast to decline slightly in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, due to an easing of oil-linked contract prices at which most Australian LNG is sold.

Also in this issue

Spending on large-scale, capital-intensive LNG projects has been increasing and this is in contrast to the oil industry’s focus on smaller, less complex short-cycle projects.

The official opening of the expanded Panama Canal on June 26, 2016 dramatically increased the waterway’s ability to handle larger size vessels and, for the first time, it allowed the passage of greater volumes of global LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) tanker traffic.

Delta Offshore Energy, whose headquarters are in Singapore, has had its plans approved for the development of a $4-billion power project on the Mekong Delta fuelled by imports of liquefied natural gas from the US state of Louisiana.

Gasconsult Limited has developed and patented a mid-scale liquefied natural gas liquefaction technology termed ZR-LNG. The technology uses a dual methane expander configuration with a number of innovative features.