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November / December 2019
LNG journal November / December 2019 LEAD STORY

US pushes ahead with infrastructure buildout of LNG plants and pipelines

The United States is directing more feed-gas from new pipelines to liquefaction plants on the US Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast, highlighting the ongoing infrastructure expansion and accruing economic benefits as even more capacity is scheduled.


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Assessing LNG freight markets: How the Baltic Exchange in London works and what it offers

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Global LNG buyers and suppliers continue with the yearly industry stand-off in Japan and give forecasts

Changing position of LNG-fueled power plants in the Japanese wholesale electricity market

Sensing a new approach to having better control and monitoring as gas engines chosen by more owners


October 2019
LNG journal October 2019 LEAD STORY

Australia adopts greater Asia role by capturing US volumes for China

Australia’s liquefied natural gas exports are forecast to increase from 75 million tonnes in 2018-2019 to 81MT in 2020-2021, as the last two projects in Australia’s recent wave of LNG investment ramp up output and China increases its actual demand and the US trade dispute sees the Chinese favouring Australia for volume replacement.


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IEA sees energy dominance strategy now in full flow for US led by LNG and domestic gas use

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

US gives its own international energy outlook and sees pipeline gas and LNG among leading streams

Opportunities open for huge Argentine shale gas reserves as quest begins for onshore LNG

Japanese class society says LNG represents central strand of its rules for cargo and fuel


September 2019
LNG journal September 2019 LEAD STORY

Australia gives Asia-Pacific view of North Asian LNG developments

The combined nameplate capacity of US LNG projects is on track to triple to around 70 million tonnes per annum in 2020 and all six plants are expected to be operational by the end of 2019, and production will continue to ramp up in 2020.


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LNG industry leads way as transitional fuel and main developer of energy and affiliated sectors

LNG shipbuilding expands for various global export projects and growing marine fuel needs

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

RINA’s technical expertise provides vital support for Eni’s ground-breaking Coral South FLNG plant

US LNG cargoes for India will help boost food production as well as clean-up air pollution

Using radar-based level measurement improves efficiency and safety at LNG import terminals

Nakilat of Qatar forecasts positive shipping outlook for increasing global fleet delivery schedules

Bunkering unit designs are now tailored to the needs of the expanding market for LNG fuel

Floating LNG hulls enable natural gas to rise to prominence as ideal global power solution


July / August 2019
LNG journal 'July / August 2019 LEAD STORY

Global energy statistics show that US shale revolution still unfolding

The natural gas industry experienced a bonanza year with both global consumption and production increasing by more than 5 percent, one of the strongest growth rates in either gas demand or output for more than 30 years, according to the 68th annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy.


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China leads nations of Asia towards LNG import and regasfication boom through 2024

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Interchangeability challenges in China gas market for multi-source scheduling to supply Shenzhen City

ABS and CMA CGM subsidiary Containerships bring LNG fuel power to the Baltic feeder trade

IMO Marine Environment Protection body uses session to clarify the sulfur cap guidance


June 2019
LNG journal June 2019 LEAD STORY

LNG again influences wholesale prices as Asia-Pacific region tops the league

The highest wholesale natural gas prices were again found in the main LNG importing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan as well as Singapore and China.


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From US to Asia natural gas market set for $600Bln boost to spending on infrastructure

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

US and European oil and gas industries point out benefits for EU of American LNG imports

All development challenges are unravelled in floating solutions for LNG-to-power projects

Sea-LNG and SGMF study endorses life-cycle superiority of LNG as a maritime fuel of choice


May 2019
LNG journal May 2019 LEAD STORY

Various formats of LNG trading develop along with price trends

The LNG market has grown increasingly complex over the past decade, as a greater number of participants utilize a broader variety of trading strategies. While cargoes were historically mainly delivered under long-term fixed destination contracts, a growing portion of LNG is being sold under shorter contracts or on the spot market.


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Australian forecasts for LNG market are mixed with fortunes of thermal coal exports to Asia

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

US government gives view on IMO sulfur cap changes and effects on fuel supply and demand

American Bureau of Shipping supports growth in LNG infrastructure before IMO deadline

French major Total overhauls divisions to align with focus on more LNG stakes and trading


April 2019
LNG journal April 2019 LEAD STORY

LNG is growing in importance as role in energy affected by new dynamics

Natural gas is on track to overtake oil as the world’s primary energy source by the middle of the next decade and much of this expected increase in gas supply will be delivered to market as LNG.


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France-based International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers notes industry evolution

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

LNG bunkering is expanding gradually with a fleet of small ships and shoreside infrastructure

Norwegian firm points to LNG fuel growth for vessels through better gas system integration

French storage tank technology company GTT caters for ships requiring small fuel quantities


March 2019
LNG journal March 2019 LEAD STORY

LNG exports rise amid competition and more globally integrated market

Global liquefied natural gas volumes are set to expand substantially, leading to a more competitive, globally integrated gas market.


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Crucial role of LNG is adapted to tackling poor air quality and climate change in years ahead

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Australia has other LNG issues to tackle after overtaking Qatar for No. 1 global producer spot

Mid-scale LNG export plant in Port of Brownsville will help address rising global natural gas demand

LNG projects are being reshaped on construction and finance fronts and this also influences trading

Nakilat strategy evolves amid joint ventures with Maran Gas and Excelerate in niche FSRU market

LNG is transitional fuel sought after as key part of the multi-pathway energy road to 2050


February 2019
LNG journal February 2019 LEAD STORY

LNG spot price curve influenced by seasonality and lack of storage

Spot liquefied natural gas prices in Asia are expected to decline as additions to global supply capacity outstrip growth in demand and as oil prices ease. The Asian LNG futures curve suggests a modest tapering in spot prices over 2019 and 2020.


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US LNG exports rise until 2030 while pipeline shipments to Mexico start to slow down in 2025

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Competition between Russian gas and US LNG should be fought out more in Asian than in European markets

Golden Pass go-ahead will shape the future LNG strategies for Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil

Canadian authorities will seek high-level cuts in methane emissions at LNG plants and other energy installations

January 2019
LNG journal January 2019 LEAD STORY

Prime role forecast for LNG with plant investment of $35Bln a year

Natural gas remains the second-fastest growing energy source after renewables through to 2040, with global consumption seen rising 45 percent and LNG infrastructure investment amounting to $35 billion per annum on average, according to the latest World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency.

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Export strategies adapt to changing markets for LNG and pipeline gas transactions

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news

Australia emerges as largest LNG exports with Prelude FLNG start and more to come from Pluto

Experts question suitability of current European norm for construction of large-scale LNG tanks

LNG sector is continuing to change amid growing demand in Latin America and the Caribbean