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Malaysia to seek LNG carrier overhaul work

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The yard completed the gas-trial inspection and final docking of one of MISC’s own newbuildings just completed by Samsung Heavy Industries, the “Seri Anggun”.

MISC Chairman Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican said only a few shipyards in Asia have the capability to carry out LNG tanker drydocking and overhaul.

“The success of this project is due to the emphasis that MMHE has placed on capability building as one of the key factors in its strategic shift towards becoming the regional centre for the engineering and construction of deepwater facilities and high-value marine repairs and conversion,” he said.

He was speaking during the naming ceremony of the “Seri Anggun”, also attended by SHI Chief Executive Jing Wan Kim.

Hassan, who is also Chief Executive of Malaysian energy company Petronas, the owner of MISC, said the facilities at MMHE have been upgraded to make it a centre “for oil and gas engineering and construction as well as marine repairs and conversion.”

MMHE said it recently completed the fabrication of the hull and mooring system of the Truss Spar Deepwater Floating Production Platform for the Kikeh oil field offshore Sabah, the first deepwater offshore structure to be built in Malaysia.

To support its new business strategy, Hassan said MMHE had formed a joint venture with SHI to provide LNG ship repair services.

Petronas owns the LNG complex at Bintulu and MISC is one of the world's largest owner-operators of LNG tankers.

Hassan said that by 2009 MISC would have a fleet of 29 LNG tankers and would offer its customers greater operational capability and flexibility.

Meanwhile, SHI’s Kim said this was the first occasion a Samsung-built built LNG carrier had been named in Malaysia following the establishment of the joint venture, called MMHE-SHI LNG Ltd., in January 2006.