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July/August 2022
LNG journal June 2021 LEAD STORY

Interview: Malaysia’s PETRONAS focuses on capacity growth, asset decarbonisation and pricing flexibility

PETRONAS, Malaysia’s national oil and gas company, is developing Sabah’s first nearshore LNG facility set to produce an additional 2 million tons per annum (mtpa), with volumes largely designated for customers in Asia Pacific. “The project demonstrates our commitment to harness further value from our upstream assets through technological advancements that can unlock remote and costlier gas fields,” Abang Yusuf Abang Puteh, PETRONAS’ senior vice president of LNG Assets told our Markets Editor, Anja Karl.


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Eastern Europe Looks to LNG for Energy Security

World relies on fossil fuels again after Covid slump

Freeport LNG outage weighs on trade in June

Black & Veatch moves to standard modular offerings

Real time LNG composition measurement during processing and custody transfer


June 2022
LNG journal June 2021 LEAD STORY

Flurry of discounted LNG cargoes stretch Europe’s regas terminals

Capacity constraints at Europe’s import terminals contrast with a flutter of LNG cargoes headed across the Atlantic. Some cargoes were offered at discounts of more than 20 percent to Europe’s benchmark TTF gas prices as sellers scramble to secure regas slots, but much volume had to be diverted to Asia. Though the arbitrage for selling US LNG to Europe is forecast to stay higher through 2024, landed volumes are likely to fall over the summer; our Markets Editor Anja Karl was told.


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Thailand set for accelerated LNG demand growth

Preliminary data points to negative trade growth in May

LNGCs and the IMO’s de-carbonisation window

Gasification offers potential for LNG fuelling networks

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news


May 2022
LNG journal June 2021 LEAD STORY

FSRUs: State of play

The roster of FSRU projects has grown since 2018 but not all were successful whilst established terminals are largely underutilized. Nevertheless, new prospects remain, our Markets Editor Alexander Wilk reports.


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Preliminary data point to continued trade growth in April

Innovative FLNG design wins AiP

Electrifying process heating systems

Gas handling and tank equipment is Gas and Heat’s staple diet

Small Scale LNG: New launches to control global emissions


April 2022
LNG journal January 2021 LEAD STORY

Early LNG cargo signals difficult months ahead for Argentina

Argentina is facing headwinds for its annual LNG purchasing due to stiff market competition at a time when it needs to ratify extensive debt restructuring with the IMF, our Markets Editor Alexander Wilk reports.


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Europe can boost LNG imports by two-thirds ‘at best’

March trade returned to net growth from February slump

Fast tracking LNG facilities

Containerised LNG bunker solution receives class AiP

Ukraine crisis transforms LNG fuelling prospects


March 2022
LNG journal January 2021 LEAD STORY

Shell urges strategic reform as Russian pipeline gas supplies dwindle

Shell has called for strategic reform against a backdrop of declining Russian gas supplies that predate the current Ukraine crisis and a general gas supply pivot towards China, our Markets Editor Alexander Wilk reports.


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Ukraine crisis could spark a wave of FIDs in the United States

Slow January trade growth turned into month-on-month drop in February

LNGCs’ smooth sailing in warm waters

Energy transition will create both challenges and opportunities

LNG road transport development accelerates


February 2022
LNG journal January 2021 LEAD STORY

Biden asks Qatar for help in diverting LNG to Europe if Russia cuts off supplies

Sky-high European energy demand, exacerbated by low Russian pipeline gas supply, has prompted US LNG exporters to send cargoes – initially sold to Asia – to northeast Europe instead. US President Joe Biden even approached Qatar, the world’s largest LNG producer, over diverting cargoes to Europe if escalating tensions between Russia and the Ukraine curtail or halt contractual gas transits while European buyers rush to secure spot LNG; our Markets Editor Anja Karl has more.


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South America’s contribution to a tight gas market

January trade remains in month-on-month growth, albeit marginally

Largest LNG Bi-Lobe Type C tanks installed on small-scale LNGC

CAPs keep LNGCs in top condition - BV

Future fuels shine spotlight on flexibility


January 2022
LNG journal January 2021 LEAD STORY

Argentina’s unrelenting ambition to become an established LNG exporter

Argentina has had a somewhat troubled relationship with natural gas. However, despite its first attempt at LNG exports lasting less than a year, the country remains determined to re-enter the LNG export market, our Markets Editor Alexander Wilk reports.


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December trade constitutes continued growth growth

SIGTTO discusses IMO greenhouse gas rules

Arctic shipping’s ice load monitoring to increase

Blended fuels to support cleaner LNG bunker infrastructure

A round-up of latest events, company and industry news