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Gas to Power – November 6. 2020

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LNG Unlimited – 3 November 2020

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BP posted a narrowing loss while oil division helps pull Shell back into the profits zone

LNG News Editor: 

JERA Co Inc., the largest Japanese LNG buyer, said it signed an accord with ExxonMobil and the city government of the Vietnamese port of Haiphong to work together on a potential integrated LNG-to-Power project for the Port.

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Japanese companies Mitsubishi Corp. and Air Water Inc. said they had jointly developed a compact LNG fuel filling station facility aimed at the growing global market for LNG-powered trucks.

“This is the first portable filling system in Japan and the world's first off-grid power-generation system capable of fueling trucks with LNG even during power outages,” said the companies.

“Furthermore, by circulating hot water through its waste-heat recovery mechanism, the system can help to prevent freezing problems associated with LNG operations in cold or highly humid regions,” they explained.

Mitsubishi, based in Tokyo and Air Water, whose headquarters are in the city of Osaka, said they would now begin testing the system in Hokkaido, the most northern of Japan’s main islands.

“The system will be tested and will fuel three LNG trucks, one manufactured by Isuzu Motors Ltd. and the other two by an Italian firm,” they explained.

Their filling station system has a footprint of just 3.3 metres by 12 metres, the same size as a parking space for a heavy truck.

“At less than 10 minutes per fill-up, it also refuels quicker than conventional stations. The plan is to make each station capable of fueling more than 60 trucks per day. The patent application for the system has already been filed,” they added.

“With the cooperation of Hokkaido Electric Power Co., the partners plan to assess the system's overall effectiveness and how much it can reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and fuel costs typically generated by heavy trucks,” they explained.

“The results of the tests will help the partners to determine whether or not to make the system commercially available,” the companies added.

At present, heavy trucks fueled by LNG are not in commercial use in Japan.

Mitsubishi and Air Water noted that most of the estimated 500,000 heavy trucks on Japan's roads are powered by diesel fuel, and there are growing concerns about the need to reduce their CO2 emissions.

“Unlike trucks powered by electric batteries or fuel cells, LNG-fueled trucks have ranges in excess of 1,000 kilometres, and tests have already shown them to be capable of cutting CO2 emissions when compared to diesel-fueled trucks,” the companies said.

“The partners are also considering ways to further reduce CO2 emissions in the future, such as by using CO2-free LNG,” they concluded.

LNG News Editor: 

Enagás, the Spanish natural gas grid operator and LNG terminal network owner, has signed an agreement with Italian utility Edison, to become a shareholder in a new small-scale onshore LNG terminal at the port of Ravenna on the northeast coast of Italy.

Equinor, the Norwegian oil and gas company, said the Hammerfest LNG export plant that suffered a fire last month will be closed for 12 months for repairs.

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The Dutch Gate LNG import terminal in Rotterdam has awarded a contract to Spanish energy engineering company Sener to provide engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services needed for better maintenance and the improvement of activities in work scheduled for 2021.

Sener, based in Madrid and with wide-ranging regasification terminal expertise, was one of the company’s that built the Gate facility in Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte and which came on line in 2011.

“Under this new contract, Sener will optimize the design to achieve more efficient operations and maintenance,” said the Spanish company.

“These modifications will improve the processes and optimize timing, as well as ensuring that the plant has uninterrupted operations over the next decade,” added Sener.

Sener is the leading engineering company in Spain, working in the energy, aerospace and science sectors.

“This contract is a demonstration of the Gate terminal's confidence in Sener’s solid practices as a company that played a key role in its successful construction,” said Sener Project Manager Antonio Parra.

“After 10 years of collecting operational data, we are going to make adjustments to the plant's configuration with a minimum impact on the service, which will improve its operating and maintenance processes for the next decade,” explained Parra.

“We are proud to have been selected by Gate terminal for this work,” he stated.

The Gate terminal is a joint venture between Dutch utility Gasunie and Royal Dutch Vopak, one of the world’s leading storage companies.

LNG News Editor: 

The World Bank said the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, including LNG exporters Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates are bouncing back to positive growth from the double blow of Covid-19 and the energy slump, showing the economic resilience of oil and gas.

LNG News Editor: 

PetroChina, the Hong Kong-listed arm of China National Offshore Oil Corp., reported a more than 60 percent drop in nine-month profits as pipeline natural gas and LNG imports continued to be loss-making.