ABS grants AIP for Chinese barge

Thursday, 05 November 2015

China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) has developed the Chinese Gas-Block (CGB) concept, an offshore, shallow-water LNG receiving, storage, regasification and bunkering terminal.

The terminal, which stores LNG in horizontal Type C pressure vessel tanks, comprises a concrete “caisson”, complete with a steel roof and steel skirt, that sits on the seabed.

The storage capacity of a single block ranges 5,000 to 50,000 cubic metres, and block capacity can be combined for up to 300,000 cubic metres.

LNG bunker barge

ABS was seletec to class a 2,200 cubic metre LNG bunker barge scheduled to bunker LNG to shipowner Totem Ocean Trailer Express’s LNG-fuelled ro-ro vessels.

The unit is currently under construction Conrad Orange Shipyard, with its keel laying last month. WesPac/CME has options for additional LNG bunker barges to serve US ports.

On delivery the unit will operate at the Port of Jacksonville fuelling TOTE’s dual-fuel container vessels as well as other LNG-powered vessels.

The barge has been designed by Bristol Harbor Group with a single fuel tank and GTT North America’s Mark III Flex cargo containment system, and also features GTT’s REACH4 bunker mast LNG transfer system.

GTT said that it received the AIP from Bureau Veritas for its bunker mast design, REACH4, last year.

ABS Chairman, President and CEO, Christopher Wiernicki said: “ABS continues to be instrumental in supporting the supply chain development for LNG as fuel in North America. Our work with industry, regulators and local stakeholders seeks to safely nurture innovation and helps to reduce the impact of maritime activity on the environment.”