BV boosts LNG bunker ships with notation, GTT approval

Thursday, 05 November 2015

BV granted approval to GTT’s latest 4,000 cubic metres cargo capacity bunkering ship concept.

The concept is for a bunker tanker which could deliver LNG as ship’s fuel using tanks with a GTT Mark III Flex Cargo Containment system operating up to a pressure of 2 barg.

Combining the membrane containment system with the ability to store LNG at pressure’s up to 2 barg allow the bunker vessel to have a higher capacity and increased operational flexibility.

BV’s executive vice president Philippe Donche-Gay said, “This pressurised membrane tank concept from GTT means LNG bunker tankers can manage Boil Off Gas better, and increase loading and delivery flow rates. Our studies show it is both safe and practical.”

LNG bunkering notation

Shipowners with LNG bunker vessels can now apply to attain a new BV notation, “LNG Bunkering Ship”.

The new rules set out in ‘Rule Note NR 620, LNG Bunkering Ship’ cover the design and installation of the LNG transfer systems from a bunkering ship to the receiving ship, as well as the vapour transfer system from the receiving ship to bunkering ship.

In the note BV describes transfer systems including LNG hoses, transfer arms and auxiliary systems for handling the LNG systems. It sets out design and installation of boil-off gas management equipment and gas piping systems, as well as safety, on bunkering ships.

Four extra features can be assigned, ‘RE’ for ships that will receive LNG from other gas-fuelled bunkering vessels or ships, ‘initial-CD’ for bunkering ships designed to cool down receiving ships.

BV can also assign ‘IG-Supply’ for LNG bunkering ships designed to supply inert gas and dry air, and ‘BOG’ for LNG bunkering ships designed to receive and manage boil-off gasses.