Applied LNG cuts ribbon at Texas LNG fuel spot

Thursday, 05 November 2015

The Dallas-Midlothian facility, expected to feature an on-site LNG-fuelling station and storage, now has its first liquefaction train.

Applied LNG expects companies from various industries currently using either propane or diesel to consider converting to LNG.

LNG produced at the station is being marketed to fuel for several industries, including oil and gas, agriculture, trucking, marine, rail, construction, remote power and mining.

Dallas-Midlothian’s first liquefaction train is Applied LNG’s third in the US, after two operating at the Needle Mountain LNG plant near Topock, Arizona.

The LNG plant will serve customers in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

The facility will have an initial total capacity of 30 million gallons per year of LNG, but will reach 180 million gallons per year at full build out when it will have up to six liquefiers. Planned storage capacity is up to 1.5 million gallons of LNG.

Applied LNG vice president of sales and marketing Greg Roche said: “Dallas-Midlothian LNG increases our capabilities for delivering on our commitment to customers for reliable supply and superior service at competitive prices […] We look forward to the next step of the project, making our first LNG deliveries to customers later this year.”