January 2018


A new natural gas world order is emerging as US liquefied natural gas production helps to accelerate a shift towards a more flexible, liquid and global market, accompanied by new Russian shipments of LNG to Asia and by future pipeline volumes.

Also in this issue

Australia’s Wheatstone LNG has been joined by Yamal LNG in Artic Russia and the Cove Point project on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland in early 2018 ramp-up operations after coming on stream at year-end.

Brazed aluminum heat exchangers (BAHX), also referred to as plate fin heat exchangers, are increasingly at the heart of liquefaction processes, including those for both standard and modular plant solutions that are enabling small-scale and mid-scale LNG.

Japan’s new Soma LNG import terminal owned by Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. (Japex) and located in Fukushima Prefecture in eastern Japan, near where the nuclear disaster happened in March 2011, is completing its commissioning process.

The LNG Producer-Consumer Conference held in Tokyo late in 2017 was attended by more than 1,200 participants from 32 countries and regions, including 12 cabinet ministers.