Monthly US LNG Exports (MMt)

Friday, 05 May 2023
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Period between 01 March 2023 and 30 April 2023, inclusively. 

Elba Island LNG

Elba Island LNG produced close to annualised nameplate capacity at 93pct and exported a total of seven cargoes amounting to 0.39mmt in March and April. This was down 13pct from the 0.45mmt shipped during the January-February period. Elba Island’s annualised capacity utilisation for the reporting period, therefore, was also down by 18pp from 111pct during the previous reporting period. Notably, none of the plant’s March-April shipments went to the Pacific as all remained in the Atlantic Basin, the majority headed for Europe.

Calcasieu Pass LNG

Calcasieu Pass LNG considerably decreased its period-on-period exports. The plant shipped 1.04mmt during the reporting period, down 0.51mmt (-33pct) from 1.53mmt during the January-February period. Capacity utilisation thus also moved down by 29pp from 84pct in January-February to 55pct in March-April. The bulk of Calcasieu Pass shipments sailed for Europe during the reporting period. At the time of writing, the LNG Endeavour was loading a cargo at the plant.

Cameron LNG

Exports from Cameron LNG also saw negative period-on-period growth. The plant shipped 2.70mmt in March-April, down 0.16mmt (-6pct) from the 2.86mmt recorded during the previous period of January-February. Nevertheless, Cameron LNG thereby still operated at an annualised capacity utilisation of 108pct for the reporting period. This was down 10pp from 118pct in January-February.

Cove Point LNG

Cove Point LNG increased exports significantly by 0.25mmt (32pct) to 1.04mmt in March-April from 0.79mmt during the previous period of January-February. In March-April, the plant thus increased output to above annualised nameplate capacity at 119 pct. This was up 26pp from 93pct during the previous period.

Freeport LNG

Freeport LNG expanded its market presence during the reporting period with exports amounting to 2.08mmt, pegging annualised capacity utilisation for the current report period at 81pct. Freeport LNG was shut down in early June 2022 due to a fire incident and only resumed exports in mid-February 2023. The plant exported 0.29mmt in January-February. At the time of writing, the Kool Orca was loading a cargo at the plant.

Corpus Christi LNG

Corpus Christi LNG saw continued production at above nameplate capacity. However, period-on-period exports were still down slightly by 0.10mmt (-4pct) to 2.71mmt in March-April from 2.81mmt in January-February. The plant’s March-April shipments of 2.71mmt pegged reporting period utilisation at 108pct, down 8pp from the previous period. At the time of writing, the Maran Gas Alexandria was waiting at the Corpus Christi anchorage.

Sabine Pass LNG
Sabine Pass LNG’s exports stood at 5.83mmt for the current report period, pegging capacity utilisation at 116pct, up 5pp period-on-period. The shipped volumes during March-April thus grew significantly, up by 0.47mmt (9pct) from the 5.36mmt exported during January and February. Sabine Pass LNG’s continued high export levels were underpinned by demand in Europe. The plant was loading LNG onto the Maran Gas Pericles and the Energy Pacific at the time of writing.

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