Monthly US LNG Exports (MMt)

Monday, 09 May 2022
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Period between 01 March 2022 and 30 April 2022, inclusively.

Elba Island LNG
Elba Island LNG produced flat out and exported a total of six cargoes amounting to 0.45mmt in March and April, up 7pct in volume terms from the 0.42mmt of the March-April period. Notably, only one of these shipments went to the Pacific whilst the remaining five cargoes went to Europe. Elba Island’s capacity utilisation, therefore, stood at 108pct for the report period compared to 101pct during the previous report period.

Calcasieu Pass LNG
Exports from Calcasieu Pass LNG began to ramp up during the report period. The plant shipped 0.73mmt in March-April. Calcasieu Pass LNG thereby operated at an average utilisation of 44pct during the report period. At the time of writing, the plant was not in the process of loading a cargo.

Cameron LNG
Exports from Cameron LNG saw negative period-on-period growth. The plant shipped 2.47mmt in March-April, down by 0.20mmt (-7pct) from the 2.67mmt recorded during the previous period of January-February. Cameron LNG thereby operated at an average utilisation of 110pct during the report period, down 9pp from January-February. At the time of writing, the plant was not in the process of loading a cargo.

Cove Point LNG
Cove Point LNG saw exports decrease by 0.08mmt (-8pct) in March-April from 1.04mmt during January-February. In March-April, the plant nevertheless maintained output at nameplate capacity. Utilisation in March-April averaged 100pct, down 9pp from 109pct during the previous period.

Freeport LNG
Freeport LNG was one of the four US LNG plants that saw production increase in March-April, up 0.08mmt from 2.28mmt at the end of February to 2.36mmt by the end of April, pegging annualised utilisation for the current report period at 102pct. The plant still had seven cargoes amounting to 0.51mmt in transit as of 5 May. It was in the process of loading a cargo onto the Elisa Larus at the time of writing.

Corpus Christi LNG
Despite new capacity, Corpus Christi LNG saw production decrease period-on-period. Exports were down by 0.21mmt (-8pct) compared to the previous report period of January-February. The plant shipped 2.26mmt during March and April, pegging average utilisation at 90pct, down 3pp from the previous period. At the time of writing, the Flex Vigilant was in the process of loading a cargo.

Sabine Pass LNG
Sabine Pass LNG’s exports stood at 5.47mmt for the current report period, pegging capacity utilisation at 131pct. This was up 13pct from the 4.84mmt exported during January-February. That increase was once more driven by higher demand in Europe, unlike during previous reports when it was the Pacific Basin that drove demand for Sabine Pass gas.

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