US regulators move forward on Pointe LNG project planned for East Bank of Mississippi

Thursday, 07 February 2019
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US regulators are moving forward with the Pointe LNG project proposed for the East Bank of the Mississippi River, which would be the second riverbank export facility planned for south of New Orleans.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said it was preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) that would discuss the effects of the Pointe LNG plant and associated pipelines to be sited near river mile 46 of the Mississippi in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

Pointe LNG had asked the FERC for permits in September 2018 for a site comprising about 600 acres of leased property with more than 6,500 feet of river frontage.

The project has a proposed in-service date of the second quarter of 2025 and would consist of three LNG liquefaction Trains, each with a nameplate capacity of 2 million tonnes per annum, and with connections to major regional pipelines.

The project calls for the construction of two 36-inch-diameter gas supply laterals to interconnect with the nearby existing pipeline infrastructure.

One pipeline is proposed to be built to enter the facility from the north, connecting with High Point Gas Transmission's system.

The second pipeline would enter the facility from the south and connect with the Tennessee Gas Pipeline system.

The people behind the Pointe venture are two US Gulf Coast energy veterans, former Duke Energy executive Jim Lindsay and former tanker captain Tom Burgess.

The project site includes a 250-acre area where Parallax Energy, a company started by former BG Group executive Martin Houston, had proposed in 2015 to build a riverbank project.

As founding partners in an original Mississippi River LNG venture, Lindsay and Burgess had sold the project to Houston and his then partner Cheniere Energy, whose Chief Executive at the time had been Charif Souki.

A second export project is currently planned by another company, Venture Global, for the same area of Louisiana but on the opposite bank of the Mississippi.

Venture Global is proposing that its Plaquemines LNG plant is constructed on 630 acres near river mile-marker 55 on the West Side of the Mississippi, 30 miles south of New Orleans.

The FERC said it issued a notice on February 5 to open up the scoping process for Pointe LNG when Commission staff will gather input from the public and interested state and federal agencies.

“By this notice, the Commission requests public comments on the scope of the issues to address. To ensure that your comments are timely and properly recorded, please submit them so that the Commission receives them in Washington, DC on or before 5:00pm Eastern Time on March 7, 2019,” said the FERC.

“You can make a difference by submitting your specific comments or concerns about the project. Your comments should focus on the potential environmental effects, reasonable alternatives and measures to avoid or lessen environmental impacts,” stated the regulator.

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