International Gas Union hands over Presidency to South Korea at Washington WGC event

Monday, 25 June 2018

The IGU had previously selected Joo-Myung Kang of South Korea to take over from the US Presidency of the world body held by David Carroll.

The WGC is held every three years in the country holding the Presidency of the IGU, meaning that after Washington the WGC will be held in South Korea,

The IGU was established in 1931 and brings together natural gas associations and corporations, including 91 charter members and 51 associate members, representing 97 percent of the global gas industry.

Its agenda is to promote natural gas use in a safe manner for economic progress.

The WGC event features influential speakers from within and outside the gas industry, along with key policy makers who present their views on the most important strategic, commercial and technical issues and opportunities facing the natural gas industry.

“The Republic of Korea assumes the Presidency of an organization and an industry that is as strong as it has ever been,” said Joo-Myung Kang, the new IGU President.

“Under our leadership, the industry will build on the great work that has already been done under the USA and prior presidencies and intensify our collective efforts in advancing the role of natural gas in a sustainable energy future,” he added.

The Korean conference after Washington will have as its theme ‘‘A Sustainable Future - Powered by Gas’’.

The IGU said this would serve as the culmination of three areas of strategic focus by the Korean presidency: Environmental Leadership; Market Vitality; and Value Creation.

Li Yalan of the People’s Republic of China has been named Vice President of the IGU.

She will serve in that role before assuming the Presidency of the IGU following the 28th Korea WGC in 2021.