Fluxys launches new Zeebrugge gas trade platform

Thursday, 31 January 2008

The service, called the ZEE Platform, is part of the company’s strategy to develop the area of the Belgian port as a crossroads for international gas flows in Northwest Europe.

The change-over has taken place in three stages. In December 2006, Fluxys offered shippers an overall capacity of 400,000 cubic metres per hour for open transfer of gas between three entry points in the Zeebrugge area. The service was made available through a capacity allocation procedure.

In the meantime, two additional regulation stations were built, allowing Fluxys to offer open transfer of gas between all four entry points.

The entry points are the Zeebrugge hub; the Interconnector Zeebrugge terminal, feeding either UK gas into the continent or continental gas into the UK; the Zeepipe terminal, feeding Norwegian gas into Belgium and France; and the LNG terminal.

The Belgian company said the tariff structure was formulated to stimulate liquidity and offer flexibility of usage.

The tariff for the full ZEE Platform service is not capacity related and has two components: a fixed membership fee, determined by the number of entry points the shipper wishes to include, and a variable volume fee depending on the quantities effectively transferred.