UK consultancy and data firm Wood Mackenzie launches new platform centred on natural gas and LNG

Tuesday, 15 November 2022
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Wood Mackenzie, the energy consultants and a subsidiary the US Verisk analytics business, has launched a new data and solutions platform called Lens Gas & LNG.

“As the newest addition to Wood Mackenzie’s Lens data analytics platform, Lens Gas & LNG offers a single tool to explore all gas and LNG data, analysis and modelling capabilities,” said the Edinburgh-headquartered UK company.

Wood Mackenzie has expanded its offerings beyond simple consultancy and forecasting since being acquired in 2015 by Nasdaq-listed US firm Verisk, which is based in New Jersey.

“This seamless Lens experience brings Wood Mackenzie’s renowned expertise, analyses and modelling insights together to enable faster, more accurate operational and strategic planning and portfolio management,” said a statement.

Wood Mackenzie said its Lens® platform aims to be an industry standard in critical decision-support to provide answers to complex questions across the natural resources value chain.

“Lens Gas & LNG is a must-have solution for any energy market participant,” said Andrew Pearson, Global Head of Gas & LNG at Wood Mackenzie.

“It is built to support customers with strategic planning, valuations, M&A, business operations, strategic sourcing and trading,” added the firm.

Wood Mackenzie said the Lens platform aimed to quantify risk and identify opportunities through understanding market dynamics and their impact on investments.

The consultancy and data company explained that users can rapidly develop alternative, bespoke market outlooks that leverage Wood Mackenzie’s industry-standard models to produce detailed analysis.

“The gas & LNG industry has undergone significant changes over the last few years, from new innovations spurred by the energy transition to major global events impacting supply, demand, trade flows and prices,” said the firm.

“To help navigate these complexities, Lens Gas & LNG brings markets forecast and modelling workflows to its current asset optimisation capabilities to provide a uniquely integrated view of gas & LNG markets and assets,” it stated.

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