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Authorities in Singapore have launched the nation’s first LNG truck bunkering facility at a terminal on Jurong Island. 
Free ReadLNG fuelling specialists Torgy LNG and LNG Supply BV have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop two small self-propelled LNG Bunker vessels.  The proposed vessels will feature Torgy A-type…
Belgian gas transmission system operator Fluxys has announced the completion of the first LNG bunkering operations with its new bunker vessel Engie Zeebrugge. 
Authorities in Slovenia are examining plans to develop LNG bunkering capabilities at the Port of Koper. 
Shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries has received approval from  classification agency American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for an IMO Type B LNG fuel tank design. 
Free ReadEnergy major Shell has released details of its latest LNG bunker vessel design, featuring a specialised loading arm to provide safer bunkering for a wider range of ships.  The LNG…
Authorities in India have announced plans to develop an LNG bunker station at Dharamtar Creek near Mumbai. 
The use of LNG as a transport fuel is expected to play a ‘significant role’ in the marine sector and improve air quality levels worldwide, according to research by the…
Free ReadBunker specialist Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS) is to partner with LNG supplier Pavilion Gas to develop LNG bunkering solutions in Singapore.  The two firms have signed a memorandum…
Thursday, 06 April 2017
LNG-fuelling specialist Bomin Linde has rebranded as Nauticor following its acquisition in full by technology company Linde Group. 
The government of British Columbia is to support investment in a range of new LNG infrastructure projects for the  transport and marine sectors in Canada as part of its Climate…
Tanker operator AET has ordered four new LNG-fuelled Aframax tankers from Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI). 
Free ReadLNG specialist Skangas is set to receive its newbuild LNG bunker vessel - Coralius - in June from shipyard Royal Bodewes in the Netherlands.  The Coralius will have capacity for…
Cross-sector industry partnership SEA\LNG has announced the addition of three new members to its coalition with the membership of JAX LNG, Petronet LNG and Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC). 

News Nudges

Helsinki expands LNG truck refuelling

Authorities at the port of Helsinki in Finland have expanded LNG bunkering capabilities with the launch of new truck-to-ship operations at the Hanasaari terminal. First bunkering operations were carried out by fuel supplier Eesti Gaas with the bulk carriers Viikki and Haaga refuelled in cooperation with operator ESL Shipping. “LNG will replace the diesel fuel used so far as a marine fuel, as a result of which we will have cleaner air and the Baltic Sea… In addition to new passenger ships, new cargo ships are also increasingly switching to LNG technology,” Kalev Reiljan, member of the management board at Eesti Gaas, said. Eesti Gaas is 67% owned by investment company Infortar and includes subsidiaries AS EG Ehitus, which designs and builds gas networks, and distribution service provider AS Gaasivõrgud.

Gothenburg plans liquefied CO2 fuel

A joint venture partnership in Gothenburg, Sweden, is preparing new infrastructure to develop the world’s first liquefied carbon dioxide bunkering technology. The proposed solution will use gas received from carbon capture and storage technology and could compliment LNG as a fuel source at the port as part of an energy transition that is driving the uptake of gas a replacement transport fuel. The CinfraCap project is a joint venture between Göteborg Energi, Nordion Energi, Preem, St1, Renova, and Gothenburg Port Authority. “We must speed up the process if we are to achieve our climate goals and collaboration is the best way forward. We expect to be able to transport two million tonnes of captured carbon dioxide per year from our quayside facility and to do so we must have an efficient infrastructure,” said Elvir Dzanic, Gothenburg Port Authority chief executive and one of the parties involved in the joint CinfraCap infrastructure project.