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Technology developer Titan LNG has signed a two year bunkering contract with Amulet Management & Services (AMS) to supply LNG fuel for two vessels. 
Free ReadBunker specialist Barents NaturGass has opened Norway's largest LNG bunkering facility, at Polarbase in Hammerfest.  The facility has storage capacity of 1,250 cubic meters and a maximum transfer rate of…
Nordic LNG supplier Skangas has been awarded a contract by the Finnish government to deliver LNG fuel for two vessels until 2019. 
Fuel solutions provider Høglund has been awarded a contract to supply automation systems for an LNG bunker vessel operated by Bernhard Schulte along with two chemical tankers for Sirius Shipping. 
Authorities in Singapore have launched the nation’s first LNG truck bunkering facility at a terminal on Jurong Island. 
Free ReadLNG fuelling specialists Torgy LNG and LNG Supply BV have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop two small self-propelled LNG Bunker vessels.  The proposed vessels will feature Torgy A-type…
Belgian gas transmission system operator Fluxys has announced the completion of the first LNG bunkering operations with its new bunker vessel Engie Zeebrugge. 
Authorities in Slovenia are examining plans to develop LNG bunkering capabilities at the Port of Koper. 
Shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries has received approval from  classification agency American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for an IMO Type B LNG fuel tank design. 
Free ReadEnergy major Shell has released details of its latest LNG bunker vessel design, featuring a specialised loading arm to provide safer bunkering for a wider range of ships.  The LNG…
Authorities in India have announced plans to develop an LNG bunker station at Dharamtar Creek near Mumbai. 
The use of LNG as a transport fuel is expected to play a ‘significant role’ in the marine sector and improve air quality levels worldwide, according to research by the…
Free ReadBunker specialist Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS) is to partner with LNG supplier Pavilion Gas to develop LNG bunkering solutions in Singapore.  The two firms have signed a memorandum…
Thursday, 06 April 2017
LNG-fuelling specialist Bomin Linde has rebranded as Nauticor following its acquisition in full by technology company Linde Group. 

News Nudges

SEA / LNG calls for review of Green Bond certification

Industry consortium SEA / LNG has called on the Climate Bond Initiative to review criteria for its proposed Green Bond certification of Low Carbon Shipping to accommodate greater financing for LNG-fuelled vessels. The consortium notes that proposals lean “towards being technology prescriptive” rather than goal oriented, noting that “immature and emerging technologies such as ammonia and hydrogen, that will require significant research and development investment over many years if they are to scale safely in the deep-sea maritime environment, appear to be favoured”. A recent study commissioned by SEA-LNG from CE Delft concludes that LNG-fuelled ships, with little or no modifications, can realise significant GHG savings through the use of liquid biomethane (LBM) and liquid synthetic methane (LSM), with estimated sustainable global supplies potentially exceeding the demands of shipping in the future. “LNG through the gradual introduction of LBM/LSM offers a realistic pathway for reducing shipping’s GHG emissions and we believe it should be recognized accordingly. Today, LNG is operationally effective, safe, scalable to meet shipping’s needs, and improves global air quality... Specifying green investment criteria that favour specific technology pathways risks forcing the shipping industry into non-optimal solutions from environmental, operational, and commercial perspectives and must be avoided,” SEA /LNG said in an open letter to the industry.

European LNG stations pumping biogas

More than 25% of CNG and LNG fuelling stations in Europe are now delivering biomethane, according to analysis of 4,120 stations by the Natural & Bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA). “It is key to understand and acknowledge that a vehicle that is fuelled with renewable gas, is effectively climate neutral. Europe’s renewable gas production capacity is proven and sustainability criteria in place are fully respected. Today, it is the best solution to boost the decarbonization process of the transport sector leveraging on a real circular economy,” Andrea Gerini NGVA Europe Secretary General, said. The figures show that an average of 17% all gas delivered is now biomethane with bioLNG becoming a “growing reality” as a cost-effective transition towards “carbon neutral mobility”. “While continuously increasing the rate of renewable gas in our network, there is future potential also in improving the efficiency of natural gas engines. This will progress hand in hand,” Gerini stated.

Dunkerque LNG launches truck fuelling

Terminal operator Dunkerque LNG is introducing truck fuelling at its sites with a new service reportedly offering 3,000 slots per year. The firm is majority-owned by a consortium of gas infrastructure group Fluxys, AXA Investment owns and operates Dunkirk LNG terminal in the north of France.