First Norwegian LNG bunker vessel certified

Thursday, 06 May 2021
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The first LNG bunkering vessel in Norway has completed gas and sea trials and received classification from standards agency Bureau Veritas.

Systems integration firm Høglund Marine Solutions assisted in the conversion of the conventional bunkering tanker, previously known as Oslo Tank, to create the new LNG bunker vessel, named Bergen LNG.

“The Bergen LNG conversion was both a demanding but fascinating project that was progressed and finalised in extraordinarily adverse conditions. The sheer adaptability and resilience demonstrated by our engineering team, along with our technical expertise, are living proof that, at Høglund, we make systems work no matter the complexity of the commission or the adversity of the conditions,” Philipp Ulrich, Høglund’s Senior Project Manager and project lead, said.

The Bergen LNG will be operated by Gasnor as a fuelling vessel for passenger ships operated by shipping lines Hurtigruten and Kystruten.

“Over the past years, we have gained a lot of experience with conversion projects in the Nordic region. Our local plan approval capabilities and experienced surveyor team are a significant asset to our clients. In this respect, the Bergen LNG project stands out in terms of technical complexity and customer service,” Gijsbert de Jong, Marine CEO for Bureau Veritas’ Nordic region, said.

Integrated Automation System

The conversion involved the addition of an LNG gas handling system with Integrated Automation System (IAS), including essential gas control and safety system, and was carried out at Westcon Shipyards in Florø. Høglund equipped the vessel with a single Shell type-C tank, providing capacity of 850 cubic metres and a bunkering rate of 500 cubic metres per hour.

The refit was completed on behalf of owner Bergen Tankers and included installation of cargo pumps, bunker manifolds, custody transfer system, a ship-to-ship transfer system, a cargo control and emergency shutdown (ESD) system, and ship-to-shore/ship-to-ship link systems to form the Automation System.

“It’s fantastic to count on a partner like Høglund Marine Solutions for a project as complex as the Bergen LNG conversion, which will pave the way for LNG shipping’s infrastructure in Norway,” Ingemar Presthus, Technical Manager at Bergen Tankers, commented.

Engineering partnership

As part of this ambitious project, Høglund worked closely with LNG tank manufacturer Gas & Heat Spa and German engineering services firm HB Hunte Engineering, which provided a 3D detail design of the Gas Piping System.

“We are very pleased to have witnessed the tenacity, expertise and technical proficiency of the Høglund team which has allowed for the successful progression of this conversion project at an incredibly challenging time, where disruptions to schedules and working conditions continuously threaten to jeopardise projects of this magnitude,” Presthus concluded. 

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