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Canada moves slowly on LNG
with its 200 years of gas supply

Canadian natural gas producers have been seeking overseas markets in the form of LNG exports from a slowly growing list of liquefaction ventures, mostly in British Columbia and incentivised by differentials between North American gas and global LNG prices.

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Gas ‘grand geste’

Jan 21 (LNGJ - French major TotalEnergies has decided to initiate the contractual process of withdrawing from the Yadana natural gas field in Myanmar, also known as Burma, both as operator and as shareholder, without any financial compensation for TotalEnergies.

   “Following the coup of 1st February 2021 in Myanmar, TotalEnergies has firmly condemned on several occasions the abuses and human rights violations taking place there. Since then, our company's decisions have been guided by clear principles,” said TotalEnergies.

CoolCo LNG progress

Jan 20 (LNGJ) - Golar LNG said progress had been made in the formation of Cool Company Ltd along with Eastern Pacific Shipping. The Singapore-based shipping line and Golar LNG have agreed to join forces to run a Golar spin-off initially comprising eight tri-fuel, diesel-electric LNG carriers in a firm called CoolCo.

   Eastern Pacific currently operates a fleet of 19 million deadweight-tonnes across three core segments and will now invest an initial US$150 million in CoolCo. The spin-off would have an initial market capitalization of $375M and Golar would retain a shareholding of a minimum of $125M. The new company to be listed on the Oslo stock exchange after an initial public offering and share placement.

Woodside US deal

January 19 (LNGJ) - Woodside Energy Trading Singapore, a unit of the Western Australian LNG plant operator, has signed a heads of agreement with Commonwealth LNG of the US to negotiate a sale and purchase agreement for the supply of cargoes from the proposed development in Cameron Parish in Louisiana.

   The accord contemplates the purchase by Woodside of 2 million tonnes per annum of LNG over a period of 20 years, scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2026. Woodside would also have an option to purchase an additional 500,000 tonnes per annum. “This HOA with Commonwealth secures access to competitive LNG in the Atlantic Basin and provides Woodside with the ability to build market scale through acquiring low cost supply,” said Woodside Chief Executive Meg O’Neill.

Maryland LNG for UK

Jan 18 (LNGJ) - The Singapore-flagged “BW Pavilion Aranda” with 173,400 cubic metres of capacity was discharging a cargo on January 18 at the UK Isle of Grain LNG import terminal. The facility is located on the Medway River southeast of London and is operated by National Grid plc. The cargo was lifted on January 6 from the US Cove Point export plant at Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

Three cargoes for UK

Jan 17 (LNGJ) - Three LNG shipments are heading for the UK port of Milford Haven this week with cargoes from Nigeria, Qatar and the US. The 142,990 cubic metres capacity “LNG Benue” is scheduled to deliver on January 21 to the Dragon import terminal from Bonny Island in Nigeria.

   The 261,100 cubic metres capacity Q-Max vessel “Mekaines” is due to discharge a shipment on January 22 at the South Hook terminal from the Ras Laffan plant in Qatar. The third cargo will be delivered by the 174,050 cubic metres capacity “Adamastos” to the South Hook facility on January 23 from the Corpus Christi plant in Texas.

Teekay to be Seapeak

Jan 14 (LNGJ) - Teekay LNG Partners, the LNG fleet owner, announced that the previously announced acquisition of the Partnership by units of US investment fund Stonepeak has now been completed and Teekay LNG Partners will rebrand as Seapeak. The common shares, which trade on the New York Stock Exchange, are now suspended from trading and will delist from the NYSE within 10 days.

   However, the Partnership’s Series A and B preferred units, which trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbols “TGP PR A” and “TGP PR B”, respectively, will remain outstanding and continue to trade on the NYSE. “The Partnership intends to convert to a limited liability company during the first quarter of 2022, at which time it will change its name to Seapeak LLC and change its Series A and B preferred units ticker symbols to “SEAL PR A” and “SEAL PR B”, respectively,” added the statement.

UK LNG volumes

Jan 13 (LNGJ) - The 173,400 cubic metres capacity carrier “Flex Resolute” is scheduled to deliver a cargo on January 19 to the Dragon LNG terminal in the UK port of Milford Haven from the US Sabine Pass plant in Louisiana. Four other cargoes, three for the US and one from Qatar, will be delivered in the week to the South Hook LNG facility at Milford Haven. The 154,750 cubic metres capacity Malaysian-flagged “Seri Balqis” also unloaded a US Sabine Pass shipment on January 13 at the UK Isle of Grain LNG terminal on the Medway River.

Wisconsin LNG tanks

Jan 12 (LNGJ) - The US liquefied natural gas LNG storage business CB&I has been contracted to design and build tanks for peak-shaving facilities in Bluff Creek and Ixonia in the southeast of the US state of Wisconsin. “Demand for natural gas fluctuates daily and seasonally,” said Cesar Canals, Senior Vice President of CB&I.

   “By storing LNG when demand is low, energy companies can ensure adequate supply when demand is at its peak - which are normally the coldest days of winter in Wisconsin,” added Canals whose company is a subsidiary of engineering firm McDermott. CB&I built the first LNG peak-shaving facility in North America in 1965 and which is still in operation.

LNG-powered fleet

Jan 11 (LNGJ) - CMA CGM, the French container shipping line based in the Mediterranean port of Marseille, has welcomed the third in a series of five 15,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit LNG-powered containerships built at the Chinese Jiangnan Shipyard. The French company said the naming ceremony for the “CMA CGM Everglade” has just taken place at the Jiangnan yard, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corp.

Mangalore LNG plan

Jan 10 (LNGJ) - The New Mangalore Port Trust in the West Coast southern Indian state of Karnataka said it was studying the development of an LNG import terminal. Mangalore Port Trust said discussions had covered establishing a facility with an initial capacity of 4 4 million tonnes per annum and with bunkering infrastructure. The Port Trust added that the proposed terminal could be set up with an initial investment of 2,250 crore Indian rupees ($303M) and with potential for expansion.

Shell trading boost

Jan 7 (LNGJ) - Shell has updated its fourth-quarter 2021 earnings outlook and expects a boost from LNG trading. In the Integrated Gas division, including LNG, production was expected to be between 910,000 and 950,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. LNG liquefaction volumes are expected to be between 7.7 million tonnes and 8.3MT. “Production and liquefaction volumes were impacted by unplanned maintenance, mainly in Australia,” Shell added.

   “Trading and optimisation results in Integrated Gas are expected to be significantly higher compared to the third quarter, overcoming ongoing supply issues and capturing unique optimisation opportunities generated through the large scale and scope of our LNG trading portfolio in the prevailing high LNG spot price environment,” stated Shell.

UK LNG shipment

Jan 6 (LNGJ) - The 174,000 cubic metres capacity LNG carrier “GasLog Greece’ has heading back from the UK to the US Sabine Pass LNG export plant in Louisiana, according to shipping data.

The vessel has just discharged an LNG shipment at the Isle of Grain import terminal, operated by National Grid plc on the Medway River, about 45 miles southeast of London.

Asian LNG strategy

Jan 5 (LNG) - Japanese LNG and energy engineering company JGC Holdings Corp. has renamed its subsidiary in Singapore JGC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd as a regional headquarters for five countries as the company pursues contract wins in LNG receiving terminals, gas-fired thermal power and other projects, including renewables.

   “The Singapore company will take on the new role of Asia-Pacific regional headquarters and serve as a base for project execution in Singapore and nearby countries, supporting activities in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia,” said JGC.


Jan 4 (LNGJ) - UK natural gas prices have declined from record levels, though are still substantial compared with previous years at around $23.00 per million British thermal units and are attracting US shipments. A cargo is scheduled to arrive on January 11 at the UK South Hook terminal at Milford Haven on board the 160,000 cubic metres capacity carrier “Cool Voyager”. The vessel lifted the cargo on December 24 at the Freeport plant on Quintana Island in Texas.

Peru LNG for Korea

Jan 3 (LNGJ) - Peru LNG exported two late-December LNG cargoes to South Korea at the Japan-Korea Marker price for North Asian spot shipments, quoted at $37.265 per million British thermal units, according to national energy company PeruPetro.

   The cargoes were lifted from the Pampa Melchorita plant on the Peruvian Pacific Coast by the 159,800 cubic metres capacity carrier “Maran Gas Efessos” and the 173,400 cubic metres capacity vessel “Maran Gas Amphipolis”, the company added.

Montenegro LNG

Dec 31 (LNGJ) - The main utility company in the former Yugoslav state of Montenegro, Elektro Privreda Crne Gore (EPCG), has signed a memorandum of understanding with Singapore-based LNG Alliance on LNG-for-power with prospects of a project emerging and comprising an LNG import terminal and two gas-fired power plants.

   “EPCG is working intensively on building partnerships with credible partners, whose participation would enable the implementation of planned investments,” said a statement. The MoU signatory for EPCG was Executive Director Nikola Rovčanin and LNG Alliance Chief Executive Muthu Chezhian signed for the Singaporean firm.

UK January cargoes

Dec 30 (LNGJ) - The UK is receiving at least three LNG cargoes from the Americas at the Port of Milford Haven during the first week in January, one each from the US states of Texas and Louisiana and one from Peru, according to port authorities. The 174,000 cubic metres capacity carrier “Aristidis I” is scheduled to discharge a shipment on January 4 at the South Hook facility from Freeport LNG in Texas.

   A second US cargo is being delivered to South Hook on January 6 on board the 164,000 cubic metres capacity “Maran Gas Posidonia” from the Cameron plant near Lake Charles in Louisiana. The third expected arrival next week is the January 6 berthing of the 173,400 cubic metres capacity vessel “Magdala” at Milford Haven’s Dragon terminal carrying a shipment from the Pampa Melchorita plant on the Pacific Coast of Peru.

Peru departures

Dec 29 (LNGJ) - Three LNG cargoes have been lifted so far in December from Peru’s Pampa Melchorita export plant on the Pacific Coast and priced on three different markets in the US and Europe.

   Firstly, the 167,400 cubic metres capacity vessel “Methane Patricia Camila”, which was headed for Rotterdam, had a cargo priced in early December on the Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF). Then the 173,400 cubic metres capacity carrier “Macoma” lifted a cargo based on the northeast US Algonquin City-Gate price. The 173,400 cubic metres capacity “Magdala” departed Peru with its shipment priced on the UK National Balancing Point benchmark.

Texas LNG for UK

Dec 28 (LNGJ) - The 174,000 cubic metres capacity carrier “British Sponsor” was scheduled to berth with a US cargo on December 28 at the Isle of Grain LNG import terminal on the Medway-Thames estuary, located about 45 miles southeast of London, according to the Thamesport authorities. The shipment was lifted on December 12 from the Freeport export plant on Quintana Island in Texas.

UK’s US-Russia LNG

Dec 27 (LNGJ) - The UK is scheduled to receive two New Year LNG shipments, one from Russia and one from the US. The 172,600 cubic metres capacity carrier “Christophe de Margerie” is scheduled to deliver a cargo on January 1 to the UK South Hook terminal at the Welsh port of Milford Haven from the Arctic Yamal plant in northern Siberia, according to shipping data. The US cargo is arriving on January 2 at the adjacent Dragon terminal at Milford Haven in the 174,000 cubic metres capacity vessel “LNG Bonito”. The ship lifted the cargo on December 19 from the Sabine Pass plant in the US state of Louisiana.

Coral South LNG

Dec 24 (LNGJ) - The “Coral-Sul FLNG” vessel, the floating LNG hull to be deployed in Mozambique in southeast Africa, is scheduled to arrive on January 5, 2022, in the offshore Rovuma Basin from the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Geoje in South Korea, according to shipping data. The vessel is shown currently off the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius.

   Italian energy company Eni is the operator of the Mozambique Rovuma Basin Area 4 licence. The other partners are ExxonMobil Corp., China National Petroleum Corp., Galp of Portugal, Korea Gas Corp. and Mozambique’s Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH), the state energy company.

Maryland cargo for UK

Dec 23 (LNGJ) – A cargo of LNG is heading for the UK port of Milford Haven from the US Atlantic Coast. The 140,100 cubic metres capacity vessel “Arctic Voyager” is scheduled to discharge a shipment on December 29 at the UK South Hook terminal from the Cove Point export plant in the US state of Maryland, according to the port authorities.

Fluxys storage plan

Dec 22 (LNGJ) - Fluxys Belgium, the subsidiary of energy infrastructure group Fluxys and operator of the Zeebrugge LNG import terminal, is planning to offer long-term natural gas storage services as well as additional flexibility as from April 2022. The Fluxys subscription window for natural gas storage has now opened and will last until January 14, 2022.

   The company, which also operates the Belgian gas grid and has a majority stake in the French Dunkirk terminal on the Channel Coast, said this was the first storage service sales under a new commercial model. “It is a highly attractive and first opportunity for storage users to subscribe to storage services with unprecedented flexibility for a period of two or up to 10 years,” said Fluxys.

Cargoes for EU

Dec 21 (LNGJ) – The European Union is currently relying on LNG supplies from Russia and Nigeria to boost natural gas levels over the Christmas holiday season. The 172,000 cubic metres capacity carrier “Boris Davidov” is scheduled to deliver a Russian cargo on December 24 to the French Montoir-de-Bretagne import terminal on the Atlantic Coast from the Yamal plant in northern Siberia, according to shipping data. The 148,470 cubic metres capacity “LNG Lokoja” was set to deliver a shipment on December 27 to the Sines import terminal in Portugal from the Nigeria LNG plant.

Med LNG cargoes

Dec 20 (LNGJ) - Cargoes are heading this week for the West and East Mediterranean. The 170,000 cubic metres carrier “LNG Port Harcourt II” is scheduled to discharge a shipment on December 24 at the Cartagena import facility in southeast Spain from the Bonny Island plant on the Niger Delta, according to shipping data. The 205,940 Q-Flex carrier “Al Ghariya” will deliver a Qatari cargo on December 25 to the Aliaga terminal in Turkey.

US cargo for UK

Dec 17 (LNGJ) - The 173,400 cubic metres capacity LNG carrier “Flex Resolute” was scheduled to berth on December 23 at the UK South Hook import terminal in the Welsh port of Milford Haven carrying a shipment from the US Sabine Pass export plant on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and which was lifted on December 11.

Tellurian board

Dec 16 (LNGJ) - Tellurian Inc., the developer of the Driftwood LNG project in Louisiana, has named Claire R. Harvey as a new independent Board member. Harvey is the founder and President of ARM Resource Partners, a joint venture making energy investments, and serves as Chairman of the board of Falcon Minerals Corp., a public company which owns and manages mineral interests in the US. She was previously CEO of Gryphon Oil and Gas.

   “Claire has expertly led and executed both public and private financial transactions over the past 20 years and brings immense energy investment experience to Tellurian’s Board,” said Tellurian Executive Chairman Charif Souki. “We will rely on her experience to guide and support us as we finance Driftwood LNG and give Bechtel notice to proceed with construction in the first quarter of 2022,” added Souki.

Peru LNG for UK

Dec 15 (LNG) – The UK is scheduled to receive two LNG shipments from Peru next week. The 173,400 cubic metres capacity “Valencia Knutsen” lifted a cargo on November 21 from the Pampa Melchorita plant on the Pacific Coast of Peru and will head for the UK Dragon terminal at Milford Haven from an anchorage near Tenerife in Spain. The shipment, which was originally destined for the Dutch Gate terminal in Rotterdam, is scheduled to be discharged at the UK facility on December 20.

   A second shipment from Peru was lifted on November 26 and is expected to arrive at the Dragon facility on December 21 on board the 173,4000 cubic metres capacity “Minerva Psara”, according to the Milford Haven port authority.

Texas LNG for UK

Dec 14 (LNGJ) - The Malaysian-flagged LNG carrier “Seri Balqis” with 154,740 cubic metres of capacity was scheduled to berth on December 14 at the UK Isle of Grain import terminal, located southeast of London. The vessel was carrying a cargo from the US Freeport LNG export plant at Quintana Island in Texas and which was lifted on November 28.

Santos PNG shares

Dec 13 (LNGJ) - Australian LNG plant operator Santos has seen its shares debut on the Papua New Guinea National Stock Exchange (PNGX) as one of the biggest oil and gas stocks in the Asia-Pacific region after the completion of the takeover of PNG-based Oil Search.

   Santos, based in Adelaide, noted that it had a history of oil and gas activities in the Oceania nation having commenced exploration in PNG in 1987 and production from the SE Gobe field in 1998. Now Santos has emerged as the biggest shareholder in the PNG LNG plant, operated by ExxonMobil, with the combined Santos-Oil Search stakes.

Woodside’s contribution

Dec 10 (LNGJ) - Australian LNG plant operator Woodside said it last year paid A$473 million (US$338.4M) in corporate income tax and a further A$234M in other taxes and royalties. The Perth-based company has three corporate entities and had combined taxable income of A$3.1Bln.

   Woodside noted in its annual disclosure to the public of its tax contributions that it had paid more than A$10Bln in Australian taxes and royalties since 2011. “Woodside does the right thing when it comes to paying our taxes in Australia,” stated Woodside Chief Executive Meg O’Neill. “We value the trust of our employees, contractors, suppliers and customers, and we know that transparency and accountability are core to maintaining that trust,” she added.

US LNG fuel barge

Dec 9 (LNGJ) - Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding, based in Wisconsin near the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal and Lake Michigan, has delivered the LNG bunkering barge “Clean Canaveral” to US NorthStar Midstream’s subsidiary Polaris New Energy. 

   The latest US bunkering barge has 5,400 cubic metres of capacity and will refuel LNG-powered vessels at ports in Florida. The LNG fuel will be sourced from a small-scale liquefaction plant near the port of Jacksonville. Polaris New Energy signed an agreement in November 2021 for the Wisconsin yard to build a sister ship to the “Clean Canaveral” to meet growing LNG fuel demand in the US.  

Russian LNG for UK

Dec 8 (LNGJ) - The 172,000 cubic metres capacity carrier “Yakov Gakkel” is scheduled to discharge a shipment on December 14 at the UK Dragon import terminal in the Welsh port of Milford Haven from the Novatek-operated Arctic Yamal export plant in northern Siberia, according to port authorities.

Höegh LNG merger

Dec 7 (LNGJ) - Höegh LNG Holdings is planning to buy all the publicly held common units of New York-listed Höegh LNG Partners to combine both entities. “The Board received an unsolicited non-binding proposal from Höegh LNG Holdings pursuant to which Höegh LNG would acquire through a wholly owned subsidiary all publicly held common units of the Partnership in exchange for $4.25 in cash per common unit,” said Höegh LNG Partners.

   Höegh LNG has proposed that a transaction would be in the form of a merger between the Partnership and a subsidiary of Höegh LNG. “The Conflicts Committee of the HMLP Board, comprised of only non-Höegh LNG affiliated directors, will retain advisors and will evaluate the offer,” added the partnership.


Dec 6 (LNGJ) – An LNG cargo is heading for the UK from the US Sabine Pass plant in Louisiana operated by Cheniere Energy. The 170,000 cubic metres capacity carrier “Methane Becki Anne” is scheduled to berth on December 11 at the South Hook terminal at Milford Haven in Wales, according to port authorities.

JGC LNG award

Dec 3 (LNGJ) - JGC Holdings Corp., the Japanese energy and LNG projects engineer, said it was awarded a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract, along with consortium partner Samsung Heavy Industries of South Korea, for a nearshore floating LNG facility in Malaysia for national oil and gas company Petronas.

   Petronas had launched a FEED competition for the FLNG project with a minimum production capacity of 2 million tonnes per annum using feed gas supplied via an existing pipeline from an offshore gas field in the Malaysian state of Sabah. “Upon completion of the FEED competition, the engineering, procurement and construction contract will be awarded by Petronas, subject to a final investment decision, to the successful contractor,” said JGC.

LNG cargo for UK

Dec 3 (LNGJ) - A cargo is heading for the UK from the Cameron LNG export plant in Louisiana. The 174,000 cubic metres capacity vessel “LNG Endeavour” is scheduled to deliver a shipment on December 10 to the UK Dragon import terminal in the Welsh port of Milford Haven, according to port authorities.

Vietnam LNG accord

Dec 2 (LNGJ) - Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Leonid Mikhelson, Chief Executive of Russian natural gas company Novatek, held a meeting in Moscow to discuss the supply of LNG from Novatek’s Arctic LNG export projects and a cooperation accord has now been signed with PetroVietnam.

   “Parties to the agreement intend to cooperate on LNG infrastructure projects with the view to meeting the growing demand for electricity in Vietnam,” said a statement. “The agreement represents an important step in the development of the company’s cooperation with Vietnamese corporations, which received an additional impetus after Novatek opened its representative office in Vietnam,” it added.

Teekay merger deal

Dec 2 (LNGJ) - Teekay LNG Partners said a special meeting of common unit-holders of the Partnership voted to approve the proposed acquisition by merger of Teekay LNG by a unit of the US investment fund Stonepeak.

   “In addition, Teekay LNG has received all required customer approvals to complete the merger,” stated Teekay. “Upon closing of the merger, Teekay LNG’s common unit-holders will receive $17.00 per common unit in cash. The merger is currently anticipated to close in mid-January 2022,” it added.

IMO Assembly date

Dec 1 (LNGJ) - The London-based United Nations agency, the International Maritime Organization whose sulphur and emissions curbs on marine fuel have led to the growth of the LNG-powered shipping fleet, will hold its 32nd IMO Assembly from December 6th to the 15th as a virtual session.

   The Assembly is open to all 175 IMO Member States and three Associate Members. It will also be attended by observers from intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. The meeting will consider resolutions covering issues such as the prevention and suppression of piracy and armed robbery against ships and illicit activity in the Gulf of Guinea as well as the challenges faced by seafarers from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Texas LNG for UK

Nov 30 (LNGJ) - The UK will receive its second December liquefied natural gas cargo from the US when the vessel “British Listener” with 173,640 cubic metres capacity berths on December 6 at the South Hook import terminal in Wales with a shipment from the Freeport plant in Texas, according to port authorities.

   The shipment was heading for UK shores as the nation’s National Balancing Point (NBP) benchmark natural gas price was last at around $32 per million British thermal units.

Peru LNG liftings

Nov 29 (LNGJ) - November cargo liftings of liquefied natural gas from the Pampa Melchorita export plant on the Pacific Coast of Peru have been made by vessels with around 173,000 of capacity, the “Murex”, the “Maran Gas Roxana” and the “Valencia Knutsen”.

Norway gas boost

Nov 26 (LNGJ) - Norwegian energy company Equinor said it would invest 10 billion Norwegian crowns ($995M) to change the Oseberg field from primarily being an oil field to becoming a substantial natural gas producer with large remaining gas resources. “Oil production is in the tail phase, but 60 percent of the gas resources are still in the ground. When it comes to gas, Oseberg is also one of the major fields, with only Troll and Snøhvit having more remaining gas resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf,” said Equinor.

   Oseberg is the third-largest oil producer ever on the NCS. “When Oseberg came on stream, it was expected to produce around one billion barrels of oil, but the total will be around 3.2 billion barrels of oil,” added Equinor. Equinor said an amended plan for development and operation (PDO) has been submitted to the Norwegian Minister pf Petroleum and Energy Marte Mjøs Persen.

LNG for UK Dec 2

Nov 25 (LNGJ) - The UK will receive its first December liquefied natural gas cargo from the US Sabine Pass plant in Louisiana. The 140,071 cubic metres capacity carrier “Arctic Voyager” is scheduled to deliver the shipment on December 2 to the South Hook import terminal in Wales from the Louisiana plant operated by Cheniere Energy.

LNG buying signal

Nov 24 (LNGJ) - JERA Co. Inc., the largest Japanese LNG buyer and power assets holder, has issued its winter electricity supply outlook for December 2021 to February 2022 and said more spot LNG cargoes may have to be purchased. “Last winter, factors such as a sharp increase in electricity demand caused by intermittent cold weather and a decline in LNG inventories that curbed power generation led to a tightening of electricity supply-demand,” JERA recalled.

   “JERA believes it is important that the global fuel supply-demand situation be clearly reflected in bid prices on the Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX) domestic electricity spot market and that appropriate price signals be sent to the market.,” it explained. “In addition, JERA will revise its approach to marginal cost as reflected in bidding prices on the JEPX spot market for the Tokyo area to incorporate the price of additional fuel such as LNG spot procurement,” stated the company.

Peru LNG for UK

Nov 23 (LNGJ) - The 174,000 cubic metres capacity vessel “Pearl LNG is scheduled to deliver a cargo on November 28 to the UK Dragon import terminal in the Welsh Port of Milford Haven from the Pampa Melchorita liquefaction facility on the Pacific Coast of Peru, according to port authorities.

UAE gas contract

Nov 22 (LNGJ) - Técnicas Reunidas, the Spanish engineering company, and a local partner in the United Arab Emirates were awarded a $950 million contract in Abu Dhabi for the world’s largest offshore sour natural gas development in the Ghasha concession.

   The award was made by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and the work scope covers several fields with production capacity of around 340 million standard cubic feet per day by 2025. The offshore gas fields are located 190 kilometres northwest of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Russians are coming

Nov 19 (LNG) - The UK is set to receive a liquefied natural gas cargo next week from Russia. The 172,600 cubic metres capacity vessel “Christophe De Margerie” is scheduled to deliver a shipment on November 24 to the UK Dragon terminal at Milford Haven in Wales from the Yamal export facility in Arctic Russia, according to port authorities.

   A previous Russian cargo was delivered to the UK on June 15 to the Isle of Grain terminal on the Medway-Thames estuary 45 miles southeast of London onboard the 177,000 cubic metres of capacity carrier “Boris Vilkitsky”. At that time the UK benchmark National Balancing Point (NBP) natural gas price was at the equivalent of $9.55 per million British thermal units. It was quoted on November 19 at $32.35 per MMBtu.


Nov 18 (LNGJ) - The UK is set to receive an LNG cargo from the US Gulf Coast on November 24, according to the port authorities at Milford Haven in Wales. The 145,000 cubic metres capacity carrier “Methane Lydon Volney” is scheduled to deliver a shipment to the South Hook import terminal from the Sabine Pass liquefaction plant in Louisiana, operated by Cheniere Energy.

Clean methodology

Nov 17 (LNGJ) - Pavilion Energy of Singapore along with QatarEnergy and US major Chevron Corp. have jointly published a “quantification and reporting methodology” to produce a statement of greenhouse-gas emissions for delivered LNG cargoes.

   This is the first such published methodology that will be applied to sales and purchase agreements (SPAs), specifically the executed SPAs of Pavilion Energy with QatarEnergy and Chevron. “Intended for wide adoption, the methodology provides a calculation and reporting framework for greenhouse-gas emissions from wellhead-to-discharge terminal, based on industry standards,” they said.