DNG Energy arranges South Africa’s first ISO container LNG volumes

Tuesday, 23 November 2021
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LNG News Editor: 

DNG Energy, a Johannesburg-headquartered company, said it arranged the importation of South Africa’s first ever consignment of liquefied natural gas in an ISO container.

The company said the ISO shipment was sourced from the Dutch port of Rotterdam and has just been delivered on the Portuguese-flagged container ship “MSC Brittany”.

Deepwater port

The LNG container was unloaded at Ngqura, a deepwater port on the East Coast of South Africa, 20 kilometres northeast of Port Elizabeth.

The vessel with 9,162 twenty-foot units (TEU) of capacity unloaded the LNG and other containers before proceeding on November 17 to the Port of Durban.

“The development is a precursor to the commissioning of DNG’s first floating storage unit delivery in the first quarter of 2022, setting the stage for a new era of growth, competition and sustainability in the energy market,” said the company, which also has offices in London, Lagos in Nigeria and Maputo in Mozambique.

The shipping of ISO containers is a part of a growing market for small-scale LNG distribution in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

DNG said it was aiming to push forward with the development of a gas economy in South Africa.

“The arrival of the LNG consignment is an inflection point for South Africa’s energy market, marking a key moment in our shift from coal-fired and oil-fired power-generation to cleaner alternatives,” said DNG Chief Executive Aldworth Mbalati.

“Along with renewables like wind and solar, the new generation of gas technology brings low-cost power production capabilities to the market on a massive scale,” added Mbalati.

“In the context of South Africa’s just energy transition, LNG represents an excellent alternative that will help cut greenhouse-gas emissions, reduce air pollution and help combat global warming,” he stated.

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