This could derail procurement plans and increase power prices, especially if temperatures drop sharply similar to the cold snaps seen in the previous winter season, S&P Global Platts said in a report.

HMLP generated operating income of $24.1 mill, net income of $2.6 mill and limited partners' interest in net loss of $1.2 mill for 2Q21 compared to $27.7 mill, $19.7 mill and a positive $16  mill for the second quarter of 2020, respectively. 

This agreement is aimed at commercialising a solution for small-to-mid scale LNG production. 

However, the slowdown is not thought to influence the current surging international LNG prices.

In all of its interests, contracted 2021 revenue is at least $1 bill in the first half of this year.

Depending on the strategy adopted, more than 25% of overall carbon emissions could be removed. With pressure increasing on LNG players to cut emissions, significant steps are required to de-carbonise portfolios.

There are only 15 km left to complete the pipeline, which bypasses Ukraine, Russian President, Vladimir Putin said last week.

The company posted a net profit of posting a net profit after tax (NPAT) of $139 mill and the highest free cash flow since the 2018 Papua New Guinea (PNG) earthquake. 

This project is aimed at boosting the country's LNG output by 64% by 2027.

However, exports should remain relatively robust, amid occasional dips, due to strong market fundamentals.