Stena Power introduces integrated barge

Thursday, 30 September 2021
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Stena Power and LNG has unveiled a floating integrated power barge (IPB).

The barge is fitted with an LNG receiving, storage, regasification and distribution facility, coupled with competitive and flexible power generation.

It can handle demand for 100-300 MW of power generation, while opening viable and economical access to the wider distribution and utilisation of LNG, Stena claimed.

Stena acquired the rights to the IPB from Blystad Energy Management, a Norwegian LNG to Power company owned by Robert Løseth and Thomas Blystad, who have both joined Stena Power & LNG Solutions as Engineering Manager and Commercial Manager, respectively.

Goran Hermansson, Stena Power & LNG Solutions Chairman, said: “At Stena Power and LNG Solutions we offer viable solutions to facilitate safe, reliable and cost-effective import/export LNG transfer as well as regasification and power delivery.

“The introduction of the Integrated Power Barge to our portfolio as a complement to our Self-installing Power Platform, further evidences our commitment to provide an all-encompassing, cost-effective range of technologies that will satisfy the global, varied demands for power generation.

“We are delighted to welcome Robert and Thomas to Stena; their extensive industry knowledge and experience will be invaluable as we continue our strategic growth,” he said.

Blystad, added: “I am excited about joining Stena Power & LNG Solutions, and establishing a solid basis for the IPB, alongside the innovative Jettyless solutions.

“The critical mass of the IPB’s power generation enables the utilisation of natural gas in the form of LNG in locations where it is not currently readily available. Similarly, the IPB can ensure flexible and load-following generation capacity, balancing variability in supply during the expanding presence of renewable power generation,” he said.

The IPB expands upon the company’s current offering of the Jettyless Floating Terminal (JFT), Self-installing Regas Platform (SRP) and the Self-installing Power Platform (SPP).

Løseth commented: “Within Stena we have a comprehensive range of engineering experience and capability spanning the LNG sector.

“The IPB is based on reliable and safe LNG and power generation technologies, further enhanced by our wide-ranging internal design, construction supervision and operational competence,” he said. 

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