Monthly US LNG Exports (MMt)

Thursday, 13 January 2022
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Period between 01 November 2021 and 31 December 2021, inclusively.

Elba Island LNG

Elba Island LNG exported five cargoes amounting to 0.29mmt in August and September, broadly steady in volume terms compared to the 0.30mmt of the June-July period. Notably, only one of these August-September shipments has gone to the Pacific to date – India’s Mundra terminal – whilst three cargoes went to Spain. In addition, one cargo still had to declare its destination at the time of writing but was likely headed for Chile. Elba Island’s capacity utilisation, therefore, stood at 70pct for the August-September period.

Cameron LNG

Exports from Cameron LNG saw period-on-period growth. The plant shipped 2.12mmt in August-September, up by 0.21mmt (11pct) from the 1.91mmt recorded during the previous period of June-July and thus considerably higher than the 0.49mmt seen during the same period last year. Cameron LNG thereby operated at an average utilisation of 94pct over the report period. At the time of writing, the plant was loading a cargo onto the Meridian Spirit.

Cove Point LNG

Cove Point LNG saw exports decrease to 0.69mmt in August-September after they had stood at 0.90mmt during the previous period of June-July. In August-September, the plant thus could not hold on to the productivity gain seen at the beginning of summer. Accordingly, utilisation in August and September averaged 72pct. At the time of writing, the plant was not scheduled to load a cargo.

Freeport LNG

Freeport LNG saw production improve slightly in August-September from 2.24mmt at the end of July to 2.29mmt by the end of September, pegging annualised utilisation for the current report period at 99pct. This period-on-period growth came despite a power outage caused by Tropical Storm Nicholas, which hampered LNG production in September. The plant still had 11 cargoes amounting to 0.74mmt in transit as of 6 October, most of which are expected to arrive in India and the Far East.

Corpus Christi LNG

Underpinned by new capacity, Corpus Christi LNG saw shipments remain broadly steady at nearly full capacity over the previous report period of June-July. The plant shipped 2.44mmt during August and September, pegging average utilisation at 98pct. The plant’s exports have decreased only marginally by 0.01mmt period-on-period, mainly on account of one less shipment. At the time of writing, the GasLog Winchester was waiting off the Corpus Christi anchorage whilst the plant was not in the process of loading cargo.

Sabine Pass LNG

Sabine Pass LNG’s exports stood at 4.00mmt for the current report period, pegging capacity utilisation at 96pct. This was up 5pct from the 3.82mmt exported during June and July. That increase was once again driven by higher demand in the Far East and Brazil (there were still 0.59mmt of cargoes with undeclared destinations in the Pacific), which lifted overall period performance. Exports to Northern Europe also grew in September. The plant was loading cargoes onto the Cobia LNG at the time of writing.


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