Monthly US LNG Exports (MMt) as of 30th September

Monday, 05 October 2020
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Elba Island LNG
Elba Island LNG has exported a rare cargo in late August, its first since January this year. The 0.07mmt cargo aboard the Maran Gas Hector arrived at Chile’s Quintero terminal on 15th September. Elba Island suffered a temporary setback to start operations at full capacity due to a fire in mid-May.

Cameron LNG
Exports from Cameron LNG declined significantly between July and September, our data shows. Whereas July exports amounted to 0.63mmt (94pct utilisation), total shipments had decreased by 0.14mmt (-22pct) to 0.49mmt in August (74pct utilisation). We did not record any Cameron LNG exports in September. At the time of writing, the plant had only one cargo still in transit – a projected 0.05mmt delivery via the Diamond Gas Rose to Tianjin – Nangang LNG around 10th October.

Cove Point LNG
Cove Point LNG maintained shipped volumes in July/August at almost nameplate capacity but saw a significant decrease in exports in September. July shipments amounted to 0.43mmt (98pct utilisation) with their August equivalent coming in at 0.42mmt (96pct utilisation). However, September exports decreased by 0.17mmt to just 0.25mmt (-40pct). There are currently four Cove Point cargoes in transit – two headed for the Pacific and Ogishima in Japan and two to Rotterdam and Europe.

Freeport LNG
Freeport LNG slashed exports between March and July but recovered in August and September. Whilst July only saw one shipment via the Castillo de Merida, exports in August climbed to 0.23mmt (31pct utilisation) and reached 0.55mmt (74pct utilisation) September. The plant still had five cargoes amounting to 0.36mmt in transit at the end of September, 15mmt (42pct) of which are expected to arrive in China and South Korea whilst the remaining 0.21mmt (58pct) are due in Europe.

Corpus Christi LNG
In line with most of its fellow exporting plants, the facility in Texas saw utilisation recover from 25pct in July to 110pct on 0.82mmt shipped in September. As in May-June, Corpus Christi continued to ship the majority of its LNG – 0.80mmt (56pct) – to destinations in the Pacific and the Far East. Only 0.44mmt (31pct) are earmarked for Brazil and Europe, which leaves 0.11mmt shipped to the Middle East.

Sabine Pass LNG
Sabine Pass LNG’s exports stood at just 0.60mmt in July and 0.61mmt in August, pegging capacity utilisation at only 32pct over the two months. This contrasted starkly to the full utilisation seen in March-April. Although Sabine Pass’s exports improved markedly by showing 0.48mmt (79pct) month-on-month growth to 1.09mmt in September, this still left the plant at only 58pct utilisation for the month. Sabine Pass exports were mainly headed to the Far East (36pct), with South Korea taking up the lion share of 0.61mmt.

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