Port of Montreal in French-speaking Quebec and utility GazMetro launch LNG bunkering system

Friday, 19 May 2017

The Port of Montreal in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec and the utility GazMetro have joined forces to develop a liquefied natural gas fuel supply system for bunkering.


They said the LNG fuel would be available to all shipowners in Quebec, including any ships passing through the main port.

GazMetro’s President and Chief Executive Sophie Brochu, and her Montreal Port Authority counterpart Sylvie Vachon, praised Quebec shipping company Groupe Desgagnes for debuting the LNG-fueled ship, “Damia Desgagnes”, the first in the fleet to be able to use the cleaner fuel.

The “Damia Desgagnes” is the world’s first duel-fuel tanker for asphalt-bitumen-chemical cargoes and was constructed at the Besiktas shipyard located in Yalova near Istanbul in  Turkey.

“By acquiring four vessels able to comply with the most stringent environmental standards, Groupe Desgagnes positions itself as a pioneer in the development of LNG as a fuel for maritime transport in Quebec and Canada,” said both CEOs in a statement.

“In response to this desire to opt for an eco-friendly fuel, GazMetro and the Port of Montreal also announce that an LNG supply solution for marine fuel will now be available at the Port of Montreal.

“Groupe Desgagnes, GazMetro and the Port of Montreal have made a joint effort to develop an LNG supply system that will be operated by a GazMetro subsidiary,” they explained.

The LNG fuel supply system from the shore will be available to all shipowners in Quebec.

“I would like to commend the leadership and vision of Groupe Desgagnes, which was the first commercial shipowner to order vessels to navigate in Quebec and be able to use LNG as a marine fuel,” said Brochu.

“Quebec can be proud to have Groupe Desgagnes among its visionary companies, along with the Societe des traversiers du Quebec (STQ),” stated Brochu, in reference to the ferry company which is also using LNG-fueled vessels.

Port of Montreal CEO Vachon all praised the initiative in establishing LNG bunkering sources.

“The Port of Montreal shares this vision to exercise positive leadership in sustainable development practices and, in this context, the LNG fuel supply solution that will be available on our docks is another significant and concrete action towards making commercial shipping even more environmentally-friendly,” she stated.