Technip runs successful LNG loadings system trials

Monday, 28 January 2008

ALLS is the first dynamic offshore and nearshore LNG transfer system to conform to the new requirements called for in the updated EN 1474 standard, which has been recently expanded to cover cryogenic flexibles and to give purchasers Guidelines for offshore systems.

Technip said that with co-contractors, GdF, KSB and Eurodim, it completed a series of trials at cryogenic temperature with flows of “live” LNG.

This included circulation of LNG from one of the storage tanks at the Montoir terminal, and full flow directly from an LNG carrier berthed at Montoir, via a previously installed piping loop in the terminal.

The Montoir terminal is one of Europe’s largest LNG facilities and receives more than 15 percent of the natural gas imported to France in the form of LNG from Algeria, Nigeria and Egypt.

The LNG trials included several cycles for connection, cool-down, dynamic movements up to +/- 5.5m significant wave height (simulated by the dynamic arm moving through +/- 6.5m amplitude), purge, disconnection and storage.

In addition the ALLS, full of LNG, was subjected to an emergency disconnection, respecting ESD1 and ESD2 logic & procedures.

With the process successfully completed, certification agency Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is now preparing full system certification for procedures and operability, in accordance with DNV RP A-203 Qualification for New Technology, and a certificate of Fitness for Service will be issued in the coming weeks, Technip said.

The range of applications is wide. Although it has been developed specifically for dynamic LNG offshore applications, the system is also suitable for onshore installations.

The system will help enable LNG transfers in dynamic conditions, whether ship-to-shore, conventional buoy mooring, or floating ship-to-ship.