Royal Boskalis wins Nigerian Brass LNG contract

Friday, 09 November 2007

Brass LNG is a joint venture between Italy’s Eni, ConocoPhillips, France’s Total, and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.

The venture, which is under the contract management of Bechtel Corp. of the US, is located at Brass Island in the heart of the Niger River Delta in Bayelsa State, south-western Nigeria.

The plant will comprise of two LNG Trains each with capacity of 5 million tonnes per annum and will be built near the mouth of the Brass River, a tributary of the Niger.

Royal Boskalis will be responsible for the early soil improvement works as well as preparing related infrastructure.

The objective is to strengthen the site’s ground to allow future construction of heavy storage tanks.

Royal Boskalis said it would use heavy-duty equipment from its subsidiary Cofra (for vertical drains) to accelerate the consolidation process.

The project will be executed in about one year, the company said, and was valued at about 60 million euros ($88M).