Zeebrugge LNG terminal added to full hub process

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Under its new service shippers will be entitled to transfer gas without capacity limitations and the LNG terminal will be added as an entry point. Currently this is only the case for shippers with capacity to or from the Interconnector.

his double feature will virtually extend the Zeebrugge Hub to the whole Zeebrugge area, Fluxys said.

The Interconnector feeds either UK gas into the continent or continental gas into the UK, the Zeepipe terminal brings Norwegian gas into Belgium and the LNG terminal receives cargoes from countries such as Qatar.

A new capacity allocation window will be held for shippers interested in subscribing to the ZEE Platform Service as from October 1.

As with the previous capacity allocation window, an overall ZEE Platform capacity of      400,000 cubic metres/hour will be made available for open transfer of gas between the Interconnector, Zeepipe and the Zeebrugge Hub, Fluxys said.

Applicant shippers will be allocated a capacity package in proportion with their requests, the company said.