GTT smart-shipping unit Ascenz Marorka to provide two LNG carriers of China's JOVO with equipment

Thursday, 25 May 2023
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Ascenz Marorka, a subsidiary of French storage tanks technology company GTT, has been awarded two contracts by the Chinese natural gas and LNG player, the JOVO Group, to provide two LNG carriers with smart-shipping equipment.

JOVO is based in Guangdong province of southern China where it is one of the main suppliers of LNG and other fuels in the Pearl River Delta area.

The Chinese company is involved in LNG importing, trading and the city-gas business as well as pipeline gas deliveries and natural gas filling stations for vehicles.

GTT smart-shipping unit Ascenz Marorka has emerged from the joint branding of Singapore-based Ascenz and Icelandic firm Marorka, which was acquired by GTT.

These contracts for JOVO’s two LNG carriers cover the installation of automatic data collection systems and software for managing and optimising the energy and environmental performance of the ships.

Voyage management

“Crew on board and personnel ashore will benefit from a comprehensive set of modules such as voyage management, LNG cargo optimisation, machinery optimisation, trim optimisation and fuel monitoring,” said GTT.

“In addition, JOVO will also benefit from exclusive LNG features developed through GTT’s unique expertise such as LNG cargo monitoring, boil-off gas management and heel optimisation,” stated the Paris-based parent company.

“We are honoured by the trust that JOVO places in us to support them on their journey towards digitalisation, operational optimisation and effective decarbonisation,” said Anouar Kiassi, Vice-President of Digital and Information at GTT.

“We are delighted to work hand in hand with a shipowner committed to operational and environmental excellence,” stated Kiassi.

Lu Yuan, Managing Director of LNG International Business for the JOVO Group, said the company was delighted to extend its cooperation with GTT and Ascenz Marorka.

“The deployment of these innovative and unique solutions and services on board our LNG carriers will enable us to better operate our vessels, unload larger volumes of LNG cargoes, improve general safety, assist crews in their demanding tasks and achieve our environmental goals,” Lu declared.

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