European liquefied gas fuel filling station network expands for trucks and cars from Spain to Sweden

Wednesday, 15 March 2023
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The European liquefied gas fuel filling station network is growing throughout Europe with two of the latest facilities for LNG as well as compressed natural gas being opened in Sweden and Spain.

HAM Group of Spain has just opened its Benavente-Zamora station for LNG and CNG located at Cañada Berciana 9A, next to the A-6 (Northwest highway), one of the six radial highways in Spain, and the N-630, one of the longest Spanish national highways.

“The new service station, designed and built by HAM subsidiary HAM Criogénica has two LNG dispensers (three hoses), to refuel trucks and heavy vehicles and two CNG dispensers (three hoses), to refuel cars, light vehicles, and trucks,” explained the Spanish company.

With this new opening, the Spanish group has a network with more than 115 service stations located on the main transport routes in Spain and the rest of Europe.

“We continue to bet on CNG, LNG and Biomethane as real sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, helping to reduce polluting emissions and respecting the environment,” stated HAM.

Gasum network

Finnish energy company Gasum also continues to expand its gas filling station network in the Nordic region.

It has just opened a new facility in the northern Swedish town of Luleå selling biogas, a form of LNG made from waste.

“The Luleå station is a result of cooperation between Sandahls Logistik and Gasum,” said the Helsinki-based, state-owned Gasum.
“Gasum can now offer both CNG and liquefied gas to transport companies operating locally in the northernmost part of Sweden. Since it has full control and ownership over the whole value chain, Gasum can extend the corridor of stations by another 250 kilometres,” explained Gasum.

Gasum now has 23 liquefied gas filling stations across Sweden and a total of more than 50 in the Nordic countries and some of these are operated by Gasum’s partners.

Sandahls Logistik is a family-owned logistics company the filling station in Luleå is Gasum’s second station built in conjunction with Sandahls Logistik. The first opened recently in Vårgårda, in western Sweden.

“As the filling station infrastructure expands into new regions, there will be a growing number of gas-powered vehicles on Swedish roads,” said Gasum.

“Several companies have already signalled that an expansion of the gas filling station network allows for completely new possibilities, such as switching over to lower emissions transports in northern Sweden,” it added.

“This new station is very special to us because it shows Gasum's capability to equip Sweden with gas filling stations from head to foot, from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south,” stated Gasum

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