Leading European LNG import terminal owner and market player Enagás signs gas accord with Albania

Friday, 01 July 2022
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Leading European Union LNG import terminal owner and grid operator Enagás has signed an agreement in Madrid with Albania on helping the Balkan nation’s natural gas company AlbGaz develop its markets and infrastructure.

The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama and Spain's Energy Minister Teresa Ribera attended the signing of the Enagás-AlbGaz agreement along with the Albanian Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Belinda Balluku.

The Balkan region is one of the most vulnerable in terms of the lack of energy diversity and security and the signing of this accord is seen as another step towards helping Albania develop its economy.

AlbGaz is the Albanian Transmission System Operator (TSO) and is working to modernize the gas system in the country.

The actual gas agreement was signed by the Chief Executive of Enagás Arturo Gonzalo and his AlbGaz counterpart Arber Avrami to collaborate in the development of gas infrastructure in Albania.

“This agreement lays the foundations to contribute to the security of energy supply, not only in Albania but also at the regional level, and to the decarbonization of its economy, displacing polluting fuels and also promoting renewable gases,” said a statement.


Arturo Gonzalo pointed out that the agreement opened up relevant avenues for future collaboration between the Spanish and Albanian gas industries.

“Cooperation between European TSOs is key in the current context. The accord is aligned with the purpose of Enagás to contribute to security of supply and decarbonisation in Europe,” added Gonzalo.

Enagás said it was already cooperating with Albania through is 16 percent shareholding of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) which connects Turkey with Italy through Greece and Albania.

AlbGaz CEO Avrami said his nation viewed Enagás as valuable partner.

“There are possibilities for cooperation in a series of projects that include the Vlora LNG import terminal in Albania and the Dumrea Underground Storage as well as small-scale LNG distribution,” added Avrami.

“ I am convinced that this cooperation will be an additional guarantee for the realization of these ambitious projects and the vision that foresees the transformation of Albania into a regional energy centre., he stated.

A proposal was made in July 2021 for Excelerate Energy of the US and US major ExxonMobil to start a feasibility study on developing an LNG import terminal at the Port of Vlora in southern Albania.

Under that accord, Excelerate would conduct a study to explore the potential of an integrated LNG-for-power solution for the Albanians.

This would include developing an LNG import terminal, converting or expanding the existing Vlora thermal power plant and establishing small-scale LNG distribution in Albania and for the surrounding Balkans region.

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