European offshore engineer Subsea 7 wins contract for Trinidad project aimed at shoring up LNG output

Thursday, 12 May 2022
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European offshore engineering and projects company Subsea 7 SA has been awarded a sizeable project by BP for the TOPR project located offshore Trinidad and Tobago in water depths of up to 280 feet and aimed at boosting natural gas supplies and LNG production.

BP Trinidad and Tobago (BPTT) runs the Trinidad compression (TROC) project as part of plans to deliver more feed gas.

Subsea 7, the Oslo-listed company headquartered in Luxembourg, said the latest part of the project covers the installation of a 96 kilometres of 12-inch pipeline, associated shore approach and diver tie-in spools.

Front-end engineering and design (FEED) is underway and the EPC and installation scope is scheduled to begin this month.

Subsea 7 said that project management and engineering would take place in Subsea 7’s office in Houston in Texas.

“We are honoured to have been selected for the fast-track delivery of the TOPR project and we look forward to continuing our collaborative relationship with BP,” said Craig Broussard, Vice President for Subsea 7 in the US.

Subsea 7 noted that its defines a sizeable contract as being between $50 million and $150M

Low-pressure wells

The latest facilities are expected to improve production capacity by increasing output from low-pressure wells in BPTT’s existing acreage.

The TROC project is viewed by BP as a clear example of BPTT, the government and many key players in the oil and gas industry cooperating to improve production capacity, which will benefit both the petrochemical plants and Atlantic LNG.

Production at the Atlantic LNG plant dropped by more than 38 percent in 2021 to 6.20 million tonnes compared with just over 10MT in the previous year.

Atlantic LNG Train 1 has been idle since November 2020 because of a feed-gas shortage and was closed indefinitely in mid-2021.

In January 2022 a heads of agreement was signed between BP, Shell and the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago and the Government to consolidate Atlantic LNG Trains under the framework of a single ownership structure.

Shell, the major Atlantic LNG shareholder, had started production in July 2021 on Block 5C, known as the Barracuda project, a backfill gas production venture to supply feed gas to the Atlantic plant.

The decline in gas production has been the major reason for the shortages being experienced by the country and BPTT’s own Matapal natural gas project was also completed in 2021 and will be able to shore-up potential supplies.

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