Sempra urges regulators to make sure there is no permit process for new Cameron LNG Train 4 design

Tuesday, 23 November 2021
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Sempra Energy has been communicating with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to make sure certain final design enhancements for the already approved fourth liquefaction Train at the Cameron LNG plant in Louisiana will not be subject to any pre-filing processes.

Sempra said it had requested a determination from the Director of the Office of Energy Projects in November 2021 that the scope of the amendment would not be caught up in new regulatory hold-ups.

Cameron LNG has since provided additional information regarding the scope of the altered design.

The company emphasized that the prospective modifications to the previously-approved Train 4 project as proposed by the amendment will not “involve significant state and local safety considerations that have not been previously addressed”.

These include the addition of LNG storage tanks, increasing throughput requiring additional tanker arrivals or the use of larger vessels.

Sempra stated that the proposed design enhancements for Train 4 would not alter or impact the existing marine facilities and would not change Cameron LNG’s current Waterway Suitability Assessment (WSA).

Coast Guard

The company said it had engaged with the United States Coast Guard regarding the proposed amendment and the USCG had determined that Cameron LNG was not required to submit a new “Letter of Intent” or revision to its current WSA for the amendment.

While some parts of the design have been enhanced, others have been withdrawn.

Importantly, there is the removal of the construction of a fifth Train and associated utilities and condensate storage tanks permitted with the original expansion permit.

One of two boil-off gas compressors previously permitted would not be needed and the construction will be wholly within the footprint authorized by the FERC.

However, Sempra noted that the expansion amendment would include about a dozen other design enhancements and additions for Train 4.

Among them are the addition of a feed-gas booster compressor to increase feed-gas pressure to Train 4, a propane refrigeration package to cool the dehydration unit feed gas within Train 4 and the use of “open art technology” on the NGL extraction process in lieu of a proprietary process. 

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