Denmark to have first LNG filling station in 2021 at main transport junction from Germany to Scandinavia

Wednesday, 28 April 2021
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Demark is ready to enter the liquefied natural fuel market with the opening before the end of 2021 of the nation’s first LNG filling station in the city of Padborg, one of Europe’s busiest transport hubs with over 7,000 trucks passing through each day in what is a key junction for the transport of goods between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

The new station, which will be able to accommodate all types of trucks, will be located at Q8’s IDS station in Padborg, right next to the major Danish-German highway right on the border.

“Here at Q8, we have one clear goal for this project. We want to help our customers start a sustainable transition of their transportation,” said Gert Thomasen, Head of Fleet and International Diesel Service at Q8 Denmark.

“We are seeing a growing demand for sustainable solutions, and more companies now demand that their goods be transported using more sustainable energy sources, such as gas,” explained Thomasen.

“We want to enable our customers to get that transition going, and LNG is a highly relevant alternative for heavy transport, which can’t just be converted to electric overnight,” he stated.

The station in Padborg will be fully automatic, requiring no operator and the truck driver will be able to fill up his own tanks in just a few minutes.

The technical solution will be delivered in collaboration with the Dutch company LIQAL.

Bunkering and LNG fuel services company KC LNG, part of Denmark’s Makeen Energy, will deliver the station as a turnkey project, handling everything from project management to civil works and installation.

“The facility will also be delivered with an advanced online surveillance system that maximizes safety and user experience,” said a statement.

The companies developing the first Danish LNG filling station noted that around 30,000 diesel-powered trucks occupy the roads of Denmark every day, emitting significant amounts of carbon-dioxide.

“To steer the heavy road transport sector in a greener direction, it is, therefore, essential to transition to cleaner, more sustainable fuels,” they said.

“Therefore, Q8 has chosen to take the first step with this project, aiming to make it easier for North European freight companies to invest in cleaner technology,” they declared.

The LNG station in Padborg will be part of a European network as Q8’s IDS has 25 other European Union locations that also offer LNG.

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