Norway’s Connect LNG and its jettyless solutions for marine loading rebrands as ECONNECT Energy

Thursday, 08 April 2021
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Connect LNG, the Norwegian technology provider of jettyless solutions for marine loading and bunkering, has re-branded itself as ECONNECT Energy to reflect a broader focus on clean energy transfer solutions.

“The new focus aims to make clean energy accessible globally to realise solutions for not just LNG, but also renewable fuels and the carbon-capture value chain,” said the Oslo-based company.

Connect LNG was founded in 2012 based on the belief that clean energy should be accessible and affordable.

The Connect LNG floating jettyless system, the IQuay (previously named the UTS), can also be used for carbon capture and storage (CCS) and renewable fuels such as ammonia, bio LNG and hydrogen.

The first the IQuay called “La Santa Maria” was used in Norway in February 2019 for an operation involving Norwegian state-backed energy company Equinor and Naturgy Group, the Spanish utility and participant in the LNG market with global supplies, also now including US and Russian volumes.

The successful operation took place offshore Langesund in Norway, an area renowned for harsh weather during winter time.

The new ECONNECT company will leverage its experience in the LNG energy market to enable a seamless transition into new, carbon-free area.

It explained that with a focus now switched to include the potential of renewable energies, a new name was required to align with the company’s ambitions.

“A passion for change and a desire to challenge ‘common practice’ are in the company’s DNA,” said ECONNECT Chief Executive Morten Christophersen.

“When we designed our transfer solution we always wanted to apply it to more than just LNG,” explained Christophersen.

“With our current focus and success in the LNG market coupled with experience with CCS and renewables, we are well-positioned to broaden our scope to include new, carbon-free energy solutions,” stated the CEO.

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