Italian LNG terminal operator Snam brings more LNG to Eternal City with two new Rome filling stations

Friday, 05 March 2021
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Italian natural gas network operator Snam, one of Europe’s leading energy infrastructure companies and operator of two liquefied natural gas import terminals, is bringing more LNG fuel to the Eternal City with the opening of two additional filling stations in Rome.

Snam, whose name comes from Societa Nazionale Metanodotti (National Pipeline Company), operates the Italian gas grid and two LNG import terminals, the “FSRU Toscana”, moored 22 kilometres off the Italian coast between the cities of Livorno and Pisa, and the onshore Panigaglia facility near the port of Genoa.

The new Rome fillings stations were opened by Snam subsidiary Snam4Mobility in partnership with two fuel distribution operators.

They are located at via di Torre Spaccata and in via di Tor Cervara and Snam said they strengthened the growing supply of natural gas as a preferred and cleaner alternative fuel for vehicles.

“Snam’s 2020-2024 strategic plan envisages the construction of 150 new natural gas and bio-methane refuelling stations and the launch of the first five hydrogen refuelling stations,” said the Italian company.

The station in via di Torre Spaccata is already equipped to supply Bio-LNG, liquefied biomethane obtained from organic waste, and now has conventional LNG.

“The refuelling station in via di Torre Spaccata is managed by Goldengas, a company that has been active for over 50 years in the supply of fuel, and the facility is the fifth in the Lazio area of Rome to supply LNG for heavy vehicles,” said Snam.

The distribution point in via di Tor Cervara is managed by Enerpetroli, a company active for 30 years in the distribution of fuels in four regions of Central Italy, with 130 own-brand and Esso-branded stations.

The station built by Snam4Mobility for Enerpetroli, the second of nine provided under an agreement between the two companies, is the 80th in the region to also supply compressed natural gas (CNG).

“As part of the agreement, Snam4Mobility and Enerpetroli will also create new distributors in the region of Umbria,” said Snam.

The openings of the stations were celebrated by staged drive-in and re-fuelling demonstrations for LNG and CNG-powered truck and vehicle models such as Italian-made small vans and scooter-vans from manufacturer Piaggio SpA.

Other LNG and CNG-powered vehicles were displayed and refilled by Italian truck maker IVECO, while Spanish car manufacturer SEAT had its best-selling CNG-powered sports utility vehicle on show.

“The new openings are part of the commitment of Snam4Mobility to provide integrated services for sustainable ‘smart green’ natural gas and biomethane mobility for heavy transport throughout Italy,” stated the company.

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