Dutch shipbuilder launches latest LNG-powered oil-chemical tanker for Swedish shipowner Thun Tankers

Wednesday, 03 March 2021
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Dutch shipbuilder Ferus Smit has launched the latest LNG-powered oil-chemical tanker for the shipping company Thun Tankers based in southern Sweden.

The vessel, named “Thun Equality” is the third ship in the E-Class series being built for Thun Tankers.

The shipyard based in Westerbroek in the Netherlands noted that the new tanker would be fuelled by LNG with a pressurized tank installed on the tank deck.

The 7,999 deadweight-ton ship has a total of 9,540 cubic metres of capacity and is suitable for International Maritime Organization class II chemical cargoes.

“As the delivery of the first Ferus Smit tanker to Erik Thun dates back nearing 20 years, this new ship will be the third unit in renewal of the fleet of 10 coastal tankers that were delivered to Erik Thun by Ferus Smit over the past years,” said Ferus Smit.

“We are proud that Ferus Smit had again trusted us to build the succeeding series as well,” added the Dutch shipyard.

“The new design is a completely revised and updated version of the existing design, that has proven herself over the years as a benchmark in the coastal tanker market,” added Ferus Smit.

“Focus for improvements has been to further optimize efficiency and the ecological footprint,” explained the shipyard.

The other main dimensions of the “Thun Equality” are length 115 metres, width 15.87m and draft 6.95m.

The Ice-class will be 1A FS, suitable for year-round service in the Baltic Sea.

Propulsion will be provided by the 2999 kW, 6L34DF main engines supplied by Finland’s Wartsila.

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