Malaysian energy firm Petronas launches LNG fuel service for off-grid customers in Peninsular Malaysia

Wednesday, 09 September 2020
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Malaysian Energy company Petronas has announced the launch of its LNG delivery service by truck for off-grid small-scale customers across Peninsular Malaysia from the regasification terminal at Pengerang in the state of Johor.

“Petronas provides industries in Peninsular Malaysia that are not connected to the natural gas infrastructure with an option to switch to gas as an alternative form of cleaner energy,” said the company.

As part of the pilot phase, Petronas completed its first delivery of LNG to a tyre manufacturing plant for the company, Continental Tyre Alor Setar Malaysia.

“The solution forms a part of Petronas’s commitment to environmental sustainability and to drive the growth of natural gas usage in Malaysia,” said Adnan Zainal Abidin, a Petronas Executive Vice President and Chief Executive of the company’s Gas and New Energy division.

He said that by establishing the necessary infrastructure the national oil and gas company offers customers a cleaner and competitive form of energy for power.

“We achieve this by embracing our customers pain-points in our strategies which results in strong collaborations across Petronas’s value chain to provide an integrated solution,” he explained.

“Ultimately, we provide a one-stop centre for off-grid customers, covering supply, loading facilities and logistic services to ensure that their cleaner energy needs are met,” he added.

“The launch of our latest solution is a testament to how Petronas delivers customer-centric solutions through our focus on innovation,” stated Adnan.

Along with other global energy companies, Petronas recently posted a loss due to lower prices and a curtailment of economic activity because of Covid-19.

Petronas reported a first-half loss of 16.5Bln Malaysian ringgit ($3.97Bln) and a 23 percent year-on-year reduction in revenue to 93.6Bln ringgit ($22.5 billion) on the back of lower average realised prices and a drop in sales volumes for processed gas and LNG.

The company said that it was looking at ways of cutting costs, including wage cuts to avoid reducing its number of employees.

Petronas President and Chief Executive Muhammad Taufik Tengku Aziz, said the company was considering pay cuts for its more than 47,000 employees in the light of the continued challenging market conditions.

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