Coralius completes first ARA bunker operations

Thursday, 01 August 2019
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Finnish energy group Gasum has announced the successful first bunkering of its vessel Coralius at the refining area of the port of Rotterdam.

The arrival of the ship marked a “milestone” for the bunker vessel as it completed LNG transfer to the vessel Bit Viking, the first ship-to-ship transfer by the vessel in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) area.

“It’s time to celebrate. Finally, being able to bunker our clients in the ARA area increases LNG availability and security for the LNG fuelled fleet. The amount of LNG driven vessels is growing rapidly globally, and we will definitely be part of the growth in being present where LNG is needed,” Kimmo Rahkamo, Vice President for natural gas and LNG at Gasum, commented.

Making LNG more accessible

The Coralius has capacity for 5,800 cubic meters of LNG and is operated on a time charter contract by Gasum with the owners Anthony Veder and Sirius Shipping. Measuring 100 meters in length and equipped with the latest fast transfer technology the vessel can handle larger volumes of LNG and transfer at high rates.

“We are happy with this opportunity to get LNG by ship-to-ship bunkering also in the Port of Rotterdam. Our vessel Bit Viking converted to LNG already in 2011. Since then we have operated on LNG about 97% of the time, mainly supported by Gasum. We would like to continue on this path and consequently we are depending on reliable and flexible LNG supplies,” says Anders Hermansson, Technical Manager of Tarbit Shipping.

100th operation in 18 months

The vessel is also designed to carry out LNG refuelling operations either in port or at sea and holds a Finnish/Swedish Ice Class 1A classification making it equally capable of accessing the remote areas of Norway as the industrial heartlands of Northern Germany.

Coralius has her main operation area in the North Sea and the Skagerrak area,” a spokesperson for Gasum explained. “End of February she celebrated another milestone as she completed her 100th bunkering operation in just 18 months. Coralius delivers LNG through ship-to-ship bunkering at sea and in port. This has significantly increased Gasum’s flexibility and responsiveness to vessels that require LNG but are unable to visit a terminal or a port. By making LNG more accessible to vessels, ship-to-ship bunkering also boosts efficiency.”

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Gasum is 26% owned by the Finnish government and provides integrated gas services across the Nordic region and northern Europe. The firm is also the transmission system operator of the natural gas grid of Finland, a natural gas importer and seller and biogas refiner in Finland and Sweden.

Gasum now foresees an increase in the average amount of delivered stem, stating it will “perform bunkerings on shuttle tankers and other bigger vessels” as the Coralius has increased its efficiency making it “now nearly as quick as conventional oil bunkerings”. 

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