Skangas loads Coral Energy at Melkøya

Thursday, 02 November 2017

The LNG plant, operated by energy major Statoil, delivered a cargo of 100 gigawatt-hours of fuel to Skangas’ vessel Coral Energy. The vessel is the world’s first direct driven dual-fuel ice-class 1A LNG carrier.

“This terminal is an addition to our existing LNG sources. Having several LNG sources supports our customers and us with additional security of supply and it increases our opportunities… In addition, a future possible supply alternative from the northern part of Norway could make it easier to open up for new deliveries along the entire coast of Norway,” Kimmo Rahkamo, CEO of Skangas, said.

The 15,600-cubic-metre capacity Coral Energy was the first small-to-medium scale LNG carrier to load at the large-scale jetty at Melkøya LNG plant. Coral Energy serves Skangas’ customers and terminals with LNG and from Melkøya transports the fuel to the firm’s terminal in Lysekil, Sweden.

No visible surface installations

The Melkøya plant receives and processes natural gas from the Snøhvit field in the Barents Sea via a 160 kilometre gas pipeline. The onshore facility separates condensate, water and CO2 to form LNG. All production facilities are located on the seabed, at depths of 250–345 metres. The seabed facilities are designed to be over-trawlable, so that neither they nor fishing equipment will suffer any damage from coming into contact with each other.

“There are no visible signs of the field; no platform or production vessels in the Barents Sea mark its place…Snøhvit is the first development in the Barents Sea, and the first major development on the Norwegian continental shelf with no surface installations,” a spokesperson for Statoil said.

Joint venture company Skangas is 70% owned by Finnish natural energy gas expert Gasum and 30% owned by Norwegian electricity group Lyse Energi. The firm is one of the largest LNG suppliers in the Nordic region and provides fuel for shipping, industrial and heavy-duty road transport needs.