Hungary breaks ground on first LNG refuelling station

Thursday, 27 July 2017
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The foundations for the first LNG filling station in Hungary have been laid as part of the PAN-LNG project and Hungarian Gas Transport Cluster.

An inauguration ceremony at the site near the country’s M0 highway marked the first step in a €1.2 million project to connect trans-European LNG trucking networks with LNG infrastructure. The project is backed by the Hungarian Gas Transport Cluster Association (MGKKE) and the European union’s TEN-T initiative. 

“Soon another 4 stations offering both LNG and CNG will be established in our country, along the main highways,” Henrik Domanovszky, president of MGKKE, said.

Further investment is scheduled to be delivered for the project in September this year, expanding the scope to create a transnational LNG refuelling network for both trucks and buses.

“It means that from autumn, it will be possible to fill LNG-powered trucks on one of the most important transit routes of the country. Also, another high-capacity station will be in service for CNG-fuelled vehicles”, Domanovszky said

MGKKE predicts “dozens of new stations” to come 

The PAN-LNG project is a continent wide initiative to improve LNG filling station infrastructure, financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The funding is aimed at supporting construction of new LNG-fuelling stations as well as all other ancillary infrastructure needed to manage the supply of LNG as a transport fuel for industry.

“LNG-Tech is responsible for the technical details of the construction of the public LNG and CNG filling station…Though it will be the first establishment in Central-Europe – without considering Poland here – in service of LNG-fuelled vehicles, in the following years, dozens of new stations will open in the region,” Domanovszky explained. 

Headquartered in Budapest, the MGKKE is an industry association representing LNG specialists, developers, utilities and research organisations.  

Its 26 members include Blue Green Way, BR.CAR, BPR Consulting, CO4-Group, IVECO, Truck Danube in Hungary,  ECO SMART,  First Hungarian Biogas, EURO TRADE, CNG Gas, Metropolitan Public Area Maintenance, Ganzair Compressor Engineering, Gardaland, Gilbarco, Gyorscsatlakozok, Hetényi, Iris Energy, LNG-Tech,  Hungarian Biogas Association, Mebaterv, ÖkoProTec, Porsche Hungária, Rev and Partners Gas, Szent Istvan University, TÜV Rheinland and UTB Envirotec.            

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