LIQAL patents LNG dispenser technology

Friday, 14 July 2017
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LNG equipment developer LIQAL has obtained a patent for a new design of LNG dispenser that promises to improve the refuelling process for LNG-powered vehicles. 

The patented nozzle docking bay is a unique system designed to “ensure tension-free connection and de-coupling of the nozzles” to and from LNG-powered vehicles. The layout of the bay is also designed to integrate the LNG dispenser in such a way as to extend the life of nozzle seals and hoses.

“The LNG fuel dispensers, designed and produced by LIQAL, are fully certified to operate on the European market and comply with the latest standards to sell LNG as transport fuel including the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID),” the company said in a statement.

LNG dispenser achieves 150 litres per minute

The LIQAL LNG dispenser system is capable of outputting liquid flow of 150 litres per minute and mass flow of 63 kilograms per minute. The firm’s LNG stations are designed and engineered according to Dutch PGS33-1, EN13645, ATEX 95 and 137, PED 97/23/EC, ASMI VIII / AD2000, MID/OIML R 117-1 standards.

The patent further strengthens LIQLA’s portfolio of technology solutions of the LNG-fuelling process that includes a fully certified LNG dispenser line and LNG satellite plants for industrial applications as well as filling stations for delivering LNG as fuel to buses, trucks, ships or trains.

LNG portfolio for DBMO

ALIQAL’s LNG stations are designed for unlimited holding time of LNG, zero product loss and zero methane emissions and can also include the option to dispense CNG, broadening the scope of refuelling applications.

Headquartered in Breda in the Netherlands, LIQAL acts as a Design, Build, Maintain and Operate (DBMO) company for turnkey small- and mid-scale LNG systems that serve the European market.

The firm also develops a wide range of alternative fuel technologies alongside LNG dispensers including liquefaction systems, satellite plants and H2 fuelling.          

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