Cryostar equips Air Liquide LNG fuelling stations

Thursday, 01 December 2016
The solution included Cryostar’s patented Cryofueltronics system with two LNG dispensers attached. The firm also supplied LCNG pumps, vaporisers, buffer management skid, odoriser, a redundant submerged LNG pump skid, station control systems, patented LinAssist LNG cooling and SatNow on the fly saturation systems.

Stations in Lesquin and Nancy

Air Liquide worked with Cryostar to develop the two identical station in Lesquin in northern France and Nancy to the east.

Cryostar assisted Air Liquide with engineering work prior to commissioning the stations as well as calibrating equipment and providing weights and measures certifications of the LNG dispensers.

“Cryostar has developed its own concept of LNG fuelling, based on a strong experience in both cryogenic pumps and heat exchangers, but also with LNG handling,” a spokesperson for Cryostar said.

Cryogenic system prevents excess venting

The Cryofueltronics system fitted to the station is designed to manage the refuelling-process control valves, instrumentation for tank venting, flow-meter cool-down and vehicle refuelling. Last year, Cryostar also launched new LNG dispenser technology, featuring a Coriolis flow meter and electronic calculator, to ensure greater accuracy in the measurement of fuel.

“The LNG distributor system considerably reduces losses from gas vents originating in the distributor and from the reservoir of the vehicle. It is then recovered and redirected to the tank,” a spokesperson for Cryostar explained.

Headquartered in the Alsace region of France close to the Swiss border, Cryostar is a subsidiary of German multinational the Linde Group. The firm designs and manufactures a range of cryogenic solutions for LNG, industrial gases, clean energy and hydrocarbon applications.